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Public relations

Fancy a special and friendly moment, outside the professional framework, to promote good business relations? Think of public relations and of all the opportunities that it offers you!
Setting up this communication strategy within your organisation means taking actions to promote a good image and encourage a favourable opinion of a company or a brand to its stakeholders. The group of internal and external targets that a public relations operation can reach is wide: consumers, customers, prospects, but also employees, salespeople, suppliers, shareholders, journalists or even politicians or public authorities.
In France, Stade de France is a key player in the sector. Since the Football World Cup in 1998, which made an impact, it has positioned itself among the best offers on the market thanks to its mythical environment, its exceptional programme, its numerous references and its expertise in the field of organisation and support.

Organiser ses relations publiques : les bons conseils du Stade de France
Are you launching a public relations activity but you don't know if you are going to organise it internally or with an external service provider? Follow the advice of Stade de France to make your choice!
Réservez facilement vos billets VIP sur le site du Stade de France
Do you want to book VIP tickets for the Indochine concert, the Rugby World Cup France 2023 or the French team’s next football matches? Nothing could be simpler: in just a few minutes, book your VIP tickets on line.
Places VIP : les idées reçues les plus fréquentes
VIP Passes are often associated with private boxes reserved for CAC 40 companies or inaccessible seats...Beware of misconceptions! VIP packages encompass a variety of offers and services that are much broader than you might think... Here are the TOP 5 misconceptions about VIP Passes identified by Stade de France’s experts.
Comment promouvoir un événement de relations publiques ?
Though the many advantages of public relations (PR) are well-established, some doubt their effectiveness, as it is often not so easy to promote an event with maximum impact.
Programme Hospitalités : la recette du meilleur cocktail VIP !
Do you think the best recipe for a VIP cocktail is to put a handful of crushed ice in a glass, add a dash of alcohol combined with quality fruit juices? That's wrong! It’s your public relations strategy that will make your VIP guests enjoy your drinks event!
Que savez-vous de la communication publique ?
What is the scope of public communication? How does it serve the general interest? How does it differ from political communication? In this article, we will answer these questions and more!
Relation publique et hospitalités au Stade de France
Public relations, Hospitality Programme, event planning… are these terms a little vague to you? Not to worry, you will soon know them like the back of your hand!

You ask yourself why you should invite your customers and partners to a watch a football match or a concert from a box? And what would be the return for your business for investing your communication budget in a Hospitality Programme? Lots of companies have already taken the plunge… and here, they explain their choice!

Opéra au Stade de France
Mozart's The Magic Flute, Puccini's La Bohème or even Bizet’s inescapable Carmen… Compose your public relations using an operatic melody! We reveal to you why this lyrical art is a fabulous business asset.
Invités en loge pendant un événement au Stade de France
Digital technology, information technology… the IT sector is really booming! Specific skills are highly sought-after: you must double your efforts to seduce and then retain IT executives.
Loge privative au Stade de France
Hospitality Programmes are a genuine lethal weapon to create and maintain the link with your business relations. But not only. Some brands use their boxes for achieving other objectives by offering new experiences.
photo Salon Ephémère lors d'un concert au Stade de France

Are you an SME looking for a new way of talking to your customers? Signing up to a Hospitality Programme can be an excellent opportunity to forge true business relationships in a different environment that is conducive to exchanging.

Programme Hospitalités : un levier pour développer votre notoriété
There are a multitude of ways of developing your reputation. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, think about Hospitality Programmes.
Animer votre communauté d'ambassadeurs de marque
Who are the best ambassadors of your brand? How can you lead your community through a Hospitality Programme? We explain everything to you...
Expérience en loge privative pendant un concert au Stade de France
Vous souhaitez organiser une opération de relations publiques et vous vous demandez quelles sont les clés de succès de votre événement ? Nous partageons avec vous les 4 étapes préparatoires essentielles pour le réussir.
Réunion pour mesurer la réussite d'un programme Hospitalités
Whether or not you are an expert in public relations, it can be tricky to assess the ROI of a Hospitality Programme... In this article, we share over 20 years of experi-ence to help you measure the success of your public relations through a few easy-to-use indicators.
Vue d'une loge au Stade de France
How do you choose a public relations programme? We have identified the 6 key criteria that will help you choose a hospitality programme tailored to your marketing strategy.
Invités en loge pendant un événement au Stade de France
This article shows you how public relations are useful at each stage of your customer relationship and are therefore an asset for your business strategy.
Cocktail dînatoire dans un Salon du Stade de France

To help make sure your corporate hospitality package is a great success, we've put together 10 tips that will give your guests an unforgettable experience at the same time as securing real benefits for your company.

Fleurs sur table en événement en Salon

Stade de France is keen to receive its VIP customers so that they have an exceptional and refined time. That is why we cannot imagine a top-of-the-range service without magnificent floral arrangements which complement the customer experience in our boxes and our lounges.

For each event, a specific creation is requested from our supplier, "Un peu, beaucoup, who has happily supported us since 2013. In 2017, it prepared nearly 7,600 arrangements for us, for a total of around 36,000 stems!

Because sustainable development is now part of the strategic and corporate strategy of companies, discover the benefits of a venue committed to your public relations.

Réussir son événement de relations publiques au Stade de France

Who to invite and when, how to create a link between the guests, planning... You are looking for solutions to answer these questions. Discover a few key points that could...

Comment améliorer votre profitabilité ?

Protecting margins, improving commercial profitability and limiting turnover within sales teams are major challenges for companies in an economic context where sales growth is often limited.


Learn about how a public relations programme can improve your productivity

PR operations respond to many commercial challenges but also make it possible to address the concrete problems of communication departments:

Establishing new alliances, recruiting new franchisees, facilitating fundraising or extending your network of influence are all strategic issues today for developing the outreach and awareness of companies.

4 leviers pour développer votre chiffre d'affaires

To increase your market share in key accounts, it is now essential to create a sustainable customer relationship and at a high level.

In this context, event PR is a powerful lever in both prospecting and in driving customer loyalty.

Do you want to attract your prospects, retain your customers, lead your network of partners or even discuss with local players? Public relations - called PR in the industry - is an excellent lever to achieve this.
Hospitality Programmes offer you many varied options as much in the locations as in the programmes, as you can discover in our article, “Orchestrate your public relations with an opera”. PR is also adaptable to any kind of company, from SMEs to a CAC 40 company. Many of them are using it to lead their community of ambassadors or to persuade prospects. Others for recruiting profiles that are difficult to reach, that allows them to differentiate themselves from other recruiters, etc.
In addition to discovering public relations, these articles are rich in teaching because they result from the sharing of experience by Stade de France’s experts. In articles like “10 tips for succeeding in your hospitality programme” or “Public relations: our recipe for a successful event!”, you will discover many tips that will allow you to succeed in/optimise your public relations operations.
And so that this marketing strategy has no more mysteries for you, we invite you to download our white paper which will guide you, step-by-step, through putting in place a tailored public relations programme.

Concrete examples to illustrate public relations

More than new concepts or advice, our words are illustrated with many examples that reveal the advantages of a PR campaign and sometimes in an unusual way!
Some brands have not waited to use PR to achieve new experiences like a product demonstration of noise-cancelling headphones or a wide-angle camera lens during a big event. To lead its community, one soft drinks company even created the event within the event by organising a competition. The winners were invited to a football match at Stade de France… and to a FIFA tournament in a box in the company of professional E-Sport players. The match within the match! Original, don’t you think?
Lastly, in the article, “Why choose Stade de France for your public relations? Our customers tell you everything!” Marc Boissonnet, from Bureau Veritas, summarises the advantages of this communication tool: “The sharing of business cultures, the possibility of getting to know each other, to find themselves around common values and appreciating each other are such fantastic benefits that are difficult or even impossible to discover during formal meetings. Meeting at a sporting or musical event seems to be a particularly conducive and informal point of departure”. The customers are definitely our best ambassadors!

To go further in the organisation of your future PR campaign, take advice from our event team which will guide you to create a hospitality programme that is customised and tailored according to your needs, in a box or a lounge at Stade de France.

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