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Tuesday 11 June 2019

Public relations: what are the main criteria for choosing your Hospitality Programme?

Organising a public relations (PR) activity means offering excellence to your business relationships: loyal customers, prospects, partners, shareholders, employees, etc. These programmes are suitable for developing your business and are built strategically around three questions:

  • Why am I organising a PR event, what are the objectives, what do I expect from this activity?
  • Who is this programme aimed at?
  • Who will be best person internally to support it?

Once the strategy has been established, the six main criteria detailed below and in our “Successfully running your Hospitality Programme” White Paper will help you to select the most appropriate public relations programme for your needs.

An accessible location

Accessibility is an essential criterion for choosing your public relations programme. The location is ideally situated and especially benefits from direct means of transport, thus having a definite advantage. Your guests will not be reluctant to travel if it is easy to get to and from the selected location.

Stade de France offers no less than 10 public transport lines. Remember that it is only 8 minutes from Châtelet or 30 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

A schedule in line with your public relations strategy

Beyond the geographic location, we must consider the location’s schedule: it must match your strategy by offering events in line with your image and a frequency of annual events adapted to your objectives.
If your public relations programme is aimed at building loyalty with your Top 10 customers, it is better to select a hospitality programme that offers get-togethers several times a year, rather than events every weekend.

One of the advantages of Stade de France is its diversified offer. A French Football Cup match may be of interest to the regional offices of a banking group whereas a concert with international stars such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z will more easily attract an audience of influencers.

Your target’s interests

The choice of schedule must also be decided according to your targets: be they external or internal, local or international. The more varied the choice of events, the more chance you will have of finding an event that excites your guests.

Stade de France hosts the finals of the largest sporting tournaments and produces atypical events such as Rockin’ 1000 or has exclusivity for the concerts of certain international artists... A schedule that allows many different profiles to be invited to the hospitality areas throughout the year.

A service tailored to your guests

Once the location has been identified, you must choose the appropriate service: that which corresponds to the guests that you would like to invite, the exchanges that you want to have, the messages to be communicated etc. You don’t invite the same profiles to an “Advert” type space as to a box.

Stade de France is recognised in the field of public relations for its top-of-the-range services, but also offers VIP products more focused on conviviality in order to correspond to the needs and budgets of all businesses.

An investment budget

Obviously, the budget to be invested is a crucial criterion for choosing your public relations. A few indicators such as knowing the “value” of your guests, measuring the value for money of the offer or the price/guest can help you allocate the most appropriate budget to this project.

Therefore, you are not going to invest the same budget if your hospitality programme is intended for your employees, than if it is intended for potential customers.

The Hospitality Programmes are not reserved just for large groups; Stade de France offers services adapted to all budgets and always with a view to optimal value for money.

Available time

The last criterion for selecting a hospitality programme is to assess the time that the organiser can devote to managing the project (internal communication, sending out invitations, organisation of the day, monitoring, etc.) At Stade de France, our customer service team supports you according to your needs in order to optimise your time and above all to make the most of your hospitality programme.

Once the six criteria above have been established, the choice of the public relations programme that best suits you is made. Your involvement then only starts and must continue before, during and after the event for your Hospitality Programme to be a success! Our article,"10 tips for making your Hospitality Programme a success” will guide you in this direction.

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