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Sapin II law

A few years ago, the government decided to bring French legislation on the fight against corruption up to the best European and international standards, thus contributing to the positive image of France and its companies internationally. This is how the Sapin II law on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life came about. Since its entry into force on June 1st 2017, some companies have been questioning whether they can legally pursue their gift and invitation policies.
To address these concerns and guide companies on how to proceed, the AFA (French Anti-Corruption Agency) published a guide in 2020. It specifies, in particular, that offering or receiving a gift or invitation remains a common act in business life, and is not sanctionable as such.

To find out more and guide you in complete safety, the Stade de France Business blog has dedicated this section to the Sapin II law, for companies wishing to develop a coherent and transparent Hospitality programme. Whether you are an organiser of public relations events or a guest at them, these articles are made for you!

Sapin II law
Tuesday 24 May 2022

3 questions to summarise the Sapin II law

Vous voulez mieux comprendre la loi Sapin II ? Vous ne savez pas comment l’appliquer dans votre entreprise ? Vous vous posez des questions sur vos prochaines opérations de relations publiques ou sur votre politique cadeaux ? Cet article vous apporte un ré
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Loges relations publiques
Sapin II law
Wednesday 16 February 2022

AFA recommendations: what we should remember from the Sapin II Law

Que retenir des recommandations éditées par l’AFA dans le cadre de la loi Sapin II ? Le Stade de France vous éclaire sur la prévention, l’évaluation et la connaissance du risque de corruption pour créer une politique cadeaux et invitations dans les règles
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Sapin II law
Wednesday 8 December 2021

Sapin II law: can one accept a gift or an invitation?

En quoi consiste la loi Sapin II ? Sous quelles conditions peut-on accepter un cadeau ou une invitation ? Est-ce possible d’inviter des relations d’affaires à un événement ? Découvrez les réponses à ces 3 questions dans cet article.
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Understanding the Sapin II law better…

Can I still invite my best customer to an event at Stade de France? Under what conditions can I accept an invitation? Can I invite a prospect to a VIP box? Can I offer a gift to a partner? So many questions that you may be asking yourself since the Sapin II law came into force. By reading the pages of this blog, you will understand the framework of this law and how it guides companies' gift and invitation policies.

To better understand the importance of complying with this law, Stade de France has extracted the main information to remember from the AFA guide in the article: "AFA recommendations: what you need to remember from the Sapin II law"..

This article concerns companies that want to perpetuate their gift and invitation policy, but also employees who receive this type of offer.

To avoid any risk of corruption, the AFA recommends that people contacted ask themselves about the purpose, "in what context is this gift or invitation offered to me?", the frequency, "how often am I invited by the organiser?" and the value, "what is the value of the gift or invitation?" to remove any doubts about a possible corruption attempt.

Three ideas to be discovered in more detail in "Sapin II Law: three key elements to prevent any risk of corruption".

Throughout the articles on the Sapin II law, Stade de France, a public relations specialist, will provide you with expert advice. The first step is to build a clear and coherent global strategy to conduct public relations activities in complete transparency and in compliance with the law. In the article "How to conduct a public relations event in compliance with the Sapin II law" recommendations are set out in order to clearly define your objectives, to designate the programme’s actors (employees), to identify the means and the performance indicators of your public relations in order to deploy a clear and transparent strategy which, in fact, respects the Sapin II law.

This section simplifies your understanding of the law and allows you to carry out your next public relations events at Stade de France, armed with practical tools that will guide you in your choices.

Tools to help you apply the Sapin II law


LIVRE BLANC/Télécharger



Quizz AFA


  • Stade de France’s white paper answers the question: "How can you conduct a public relations activity in compliance with the Sapin II law?". It provides a reminder of what the Sapin II law is, how to prevent acts of corruption, and then outlines the five steps to follow in order to successfully conduct public relations activities*. A must-read for anyone wishing to organise public relations events in complete compliance.
  • The Stade de France quiz: it is ideal for anyone hesitating to accept a gift or an invitation. This practical tool was designed on the basis of the AFA guide and answers, in just four questions, whether or not you should accept an invitation or a gift. Stade de France also explores this question in more detail in the article: "Sapin II law: can a gift or invitation be accepted?"..

All these articles and tools provide pragmatic advice allowing you to put in place measures that are easily applicable in companies and help you carry out your public relations activities in compliance with this Sapin II law.

However, if you still have any questions, the Stade de France sales department will help you implement the best ethical practices of the Sapin II law.

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