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Wednesday 30 October 2019

The selection of the most unusual Hospitality Programmes

Hospitality Programmes are a genuine lethal weapon to create and maintain the link with your business relations. But not only. Some brands use their boxes for achieving other objectives by offering new experiences. Here are a few examples which may inspire you.

If you have had the opportunity to be invited to a box at Stade de France or to visit them with our team; you will have understood: they are all customised to represent a brand’s universe. For a classified ad website, the box is in the latter’s colours with cosy furnishings that can be sought out on the website; while a brewer has chosen the friendly atmosphere of a pub with a bar and beer pumps.
And our customers have no hesitation in going further by taking advantage of their box in an unusual way! It offers you a multitude of opportunities to let your guests have an exceptional experience, and this, with originality and conviviality, all working towards the achievement of business objectives.

For a product demonstration in the heart of Stade de France

Why not use the arena of the largest stadium in France to prove the effectiveness of a product?
An electronic audio device brand invited its partners and distributors to test its latest novelty: a headset to reduce noise. Much more meaningful than technical sheets: a live demonstration at a concert!
A camera brand invited high-tech journalists to a rugby match. To demonstrate the performance of its new wide-angle lens, nothing’s like the stadium’s enclosure! From the box, the journalists tested it under real conditions by taking demonstration photos for their future articles. An original and winning activity with 20% more media impact compared to a traditional press conference.

To highlight your know-how

Stade de France mobilised many businesses to accommodate its 80,000 spectators at the Football World Cup in 1998; then to make it evolve for more than 20 years. What better way for these experts to demonstrate their know-how by inviting their partners to Saint-Denis?
A company having contributed to facilities for Euro 2016 regularly invites its prospects and customers to prove its expertise through the example of Stade de France. This partner has special access to the Data Center and conducts private visits during the events.
Also, the supplier for all of the connection solutions is taking advantage of its box to demonstrate its achievements to its guests:“Our partners have thus been able to visualise and try out, in real time, the quality of the digital experience offered to 80,000 spectators in Stade de France: geolocation and immediate sharing of the event’s top moments on social networks”.

To surprise your guests

Amaze your guests by offering them a unique experience… a fizzy drinks brand did it by mixing the virtual with the real!
To lead its community, it wanted to create the event by organising a competition. The winners were invited to a football match at Stade de France… and to a FIFA tournament in the box in the company of professional E-Sport players. An experiential event to really delight football fans… The match in the match! Original, don’t you think?

Our customers are brimming with ideas to differentiate themselves and enjoy their box in an original way.
Its use, also unusual and creative as it is, must work for your strategy! Don’t forget your public relations objectives and how to measure the impacts of each of your activities: whether this is the brand’s reputation, the media benefits, the participation rate, the acquisition of new customers… Originality is not a purpose, but a means to achieve your goals!
Have you already got original ideas about using a box?

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