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Friday 24 May 2019

Public Relations - an asset in your customer relations

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of public relations for the business development of any company. Find new customers and retain them, establish a relationship of trust with your partners, turn your customers into ambassadors, etc. at each stage of your customer relationship, public relations represent an opportunity to achieve your business objectives.

Let’s look at how PR is a powerful lever for refining your business strategies.

Public relations to convert your prospects into new customers

Everybody agrees - commercial prospecting is less and less effective. As a result, potential customers are increasingly closed to preconceived ideas and expect their needs to be understood before they will even talk about products. This observation means that being able to go beyond the usual framework of the commercial relationship with your contacts represents a major advantage and ensures that your prospects will one day become your new customers.

Public relations offer informal and friendly moments, which can be crucial in the relationship and which represent an opportunity to better understand your prospect’s expectations, to prove your expertise, to present your products or services, etc. Also, paying special attention to your guests is the key to establishing a unique relationship with them and being able to transform them into customers. We have a rule in hospitality - we do talk about business, but there is no need to sign a contract during an event! This may be misunderstood.

Public relations to retain your current customers

As we explain in our article “Why Retain Customers?”, “Why Retain Customers?”adopting a sales strategy based solely on conquering new customers is a mistake. It is just as important to recruit new prospects as it is to retain your best customers. And to do this, you need to know how to value them, and to ensure that they feel different to others, so... Make sure you are up to the job and surprise them whenever you can.

This is where public relations come into play - invite your customers to experience an exceptional event in a special setting, which will leave a lasting impression.

Setting aside formal relations, defusing complex situations in regard to a contract, thanking your partners for their loyalty are all reasons that may encourage you to set up a hospitality programme.

Public relations to encourage customer recommendations

What is more important today than a sales pitch is the personal recommendation of actual customers. We therefore need to question them, listen to them, “pamper” them and prove to them that you have heard them by, for example, developing your products. This way, you will promote your brand naturally as a result of customer satisfaction.

If you value your customers via public relations operations, you will surely have the opportunity to ask them for contacts within their ecosystems and may be able to persuade them to recommend your brand.

Public relations to transform your customers into ambassadors

As explained in our white paper "The customer, your ambassador" turning your customers into ambassadors is the final stage in the business relationship. Public relations have a key role to play in this quest. Inviting your loyal customers to the Stade de France, to a final of the Top 14 in a box in your colours will help maintain a unique Customer Centric relationship which will naturally transform your customers into ambassadors for your brand.

Whether it’s conquering, retaining or turning loyal customers into committed operators, public relations are important at every stage of the business relationship. The Stade de France is an exceptional setting for your public relations programmes and, more specifically, for hospitality events. A diverse range of prestigious and unique events, and the expertise of teams that support you throughout the year to make your public relations operations a success in the service of your business strategy. To go further, discover how to "Make your hospitality program a success" by reading our white paper.

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