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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Hospitality Programmes: a lever for your reputation

Reputation means the knowledge that the public has of a brand, a service or a product. All businesses know it: to multiply contracts and increase their turnover, they must, above all, make themselves known! The hardest thing is to know how to develop this reputation. Beyond the classic word-of-mouth, advertising, direct marketing… It is here that Hospitality has a role to play. We explain how to you in this article.

Why is reputation of paramount importance?

In a competitive environment that is constantly changing, making themselves known is a real challenge for companies, but especially essential for developing their business. The more a brand is known, the more it manages to reach future customers. In the face of several products, services from the same sector, reputation makes the difference and undoubtedly influences the final choice of the consumer.
The challenge for businesses is therefore to initially build this popularity, extend it to the greatest number of people and then maintain it by regular action.
They have several levers to make it grow: advertising, social networks, marketing tools, referencing… Events with the organisation of Hospitality Programmes plays on both this reputation and on the image of the brand.

How does Hospitality develop your reputation?

Hospitality Programmes help to create and maintain relationships of trust with the different audiences, to shape and maintain the positive image of the company or simply to make it known.
Influence marketing fosters the development of a brand’s reputation; by choosing the right ambassadors, the right event in tune with the messages and values that the company wishes to highlight and by ensuring the right preparation of the Hospitality Programme. They offer a unique framework conducive to listening and to the spreading of the information post-event.
Inviting your ecosystem (journalist, influencer, ambassador…) to musical or sporting events by ensuring that they correspond to their tastes, makes the difference! An influencer invited to the Beyoncé concert will be enthusiastic about talking about her evening on the networks. A client received in a box to a France/England rugby match will talk about it from the next day onward to those close to him. They will thus naturally maintain the reputation of their host.

Why has Enedis committed to a Hospitality Programme at Stade de France?

Since its change of name in 2016, Enedis (ex ERDF) has had to deal with a major reputation challenge. Committing to a Hospitality Programme at Stade de France by renting a private box has allowed it to be heard by inviting the different audiences that it had to raise awareness with. It is during these privileged moments that it has had the opportunity to explain the reasons for this transformation with journalists, influencers, bloggers… and to define Enedis’ framework of intervention with opinion relays, as well as to tell the new story of the brand with a box decorated in its colours. As Robin Devogelaere, Enedis’ Director of Communication explained, "This has allowed us to be closer to our ambitions and our issues and to be able to show them", this box has become a true showroom for Enedis.

Inviting your network of influence to an iconic place such as Stade de France offers a certain advantage for developing your brand and making yourself known. Hospitality therefore represents an interesting lever for developing your reputation! These public relations programmes are also effective for extending a commercial network, for convincing buyers or local elected representatives, for managing a crisis… You still need to know how to profit from them. Do you want to know all the keys to success of a Hospitality Programme?

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