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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Hospitality Programme: the recipe for the best VIP cocktail!

Sharing a drink and experiencing emotions in a special environment promotes good relations with your guests, whether they are customers, prospects, partners or employees. Designing a Hospitality Programme is therefore a lever to be considered to help you develop your business relationships. For it to be as effective as possible, you need to get involved and build a public relations strategy.

But how can you do that? First, by adapting your programme to what matters to you: ask yourself the right questions! Then, by looking for the best package for your VIP cocktail: more the intimacy of a box or the conviviality of a lounge? In this article, discover the key ingredients in the recipe for your VIP cocktail to be a success with your guests. Some tips from our white paper that guides you through 4 keys to success for your Hospitality Programme.

Adapt your Hospitality Programme to what matters to you

From selecting guests to choosing the event space, everything must be carefully prepared.br /> Reinforcing your brand image, building loyalty with your best customers, presenting your latest product or seducing prospects... whatever your objective, public relations is your ally in achieving it.
Start by defining what you expect from the event.
Then, characterise your targets. Based on this study, choose an easy-to-access location for your guests. Also, define their interests to choose an attractive event. With these two criteria, you double your chances of getting a better response rate.
Finally, determine the budget allocated to this cocktail event to align the VIP offers and packages on the market. Ask yourself what the “value” of your guests is or what quality of service you would like to offer.
As you will have understood, an attractive invitation is not only an attractive programme or a “champagne and petits fours” service, but the one that most accurately responds to your challenges and your guests.

Serve the best VIP cocktail to your guests

It should be remembered that Hospitality offers the possibility of accessing different VIP services: private use of a space, invitation to a box, special welcome, "open bar" cocktail... Depending on your strategy and the tone desired for your event, several packages are therefore possible.
Access to a VIP lounge after a major sporting tournament is perfect for prolonging the festive atmosphere. While a private box has a premium and prestigious character for communicating in complete confidentiality with an unobstructed view of the show.
Whether in a lounge or in a box, inviting your guests to VIP cocktail in these special conditions means creating an unforgettable memory and forging stronger ties with them.

A Hospitality Programme cannot be improvised; it is the mix of subtle ingredients that makes it possible to obtain the recipe for the success of your event.
The Stade de France sales teams can help you build your strategy. At Stade de France, the offer ranges from a pre-match lounge to the rental of a box all year-round. VIP areas are even accessible from €249 excl. VAT/person. Offering yourself a box or lounge to organise VIP cocktail in the largest French arena guarantees access to quality programming with top-of-the-range services and also draws on 20 years of expertise in running Hospitality events.

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