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Monday 3 February 2020

Why choose Stade de France for your public relations? Our customers tell you everything!

You ask yourself why you should invite your customers and partners to a watch a football match or a concert from a box? And what would be the return for your business for investing your communication budget in a Hospitality Programme? Lots of companies have already taken the plunge… and here, they explain their choice!

Better than anyone, our customers explain to you why you should choose Stade de France for your public relations. The first reason is to share a moment outside of the day-to-day and even outside of the ordinary with their customers or partners.
Whether this is to thank them, get to know prospects better, create the link between salespeople and customers, unite teams… Different reasons have led them to invite their stakeholders to events at Stade de France, but all were guided in their choice by the mythical image of Stade de France, the quality and the diversity of the line-up.

Relations away from the day-to-day

Marc Boissonnet, from Bureau Veritas, insists on the establishment of the link between leaders and their counterparts, customers and prospects: “The sharing of business cultures, the possibility of getting to know each other, to find themselves around common values and appreciating each other are such fantastic benefits that are difficult or even impossible to discover during formal meetings. Meeting at a sporting or musical event seems to be a particularly conducive and informal point of departure”.

Olivier Morin, from Manutan, clarifies the importance of informal relations in business:“I could not manage to meet the boss of a large group in the energy field other than formally. At a sporting event, we discovered many similarities and the relationship between our two companies has emerged strengthened from this”.

The mythical image of Stade de France

Julie Bastien, from Fraikin, spoke to us of the "wow" effect of Stade de France: “Fraikin has chosen Stade de France for the diversity of events, whether sporting as much as cultural, for the proximity to Paris, its ease of access and finally the quality of the service within the box. We are delighted with the wow effect. The guests go home delighted and their only desire is to come back. It really is a valuable loyalty tool”.

Sylvaine Couleur, from Sagemcom, evokes the positive values that Stade de France triggers: “The negotiations go much better when we are familiar with our customers, and what place is more conducive to these sorts of relations than Stade de France: it is a place where customers and salespeople meet each other with pleasure, where families can meet, where real links of friendship can be forged around strong values embodied by sport and excellence. Stade de France conveys a story. There, as a box customer, you feel a little bit at home”.

A quality eclectic line-up

Véronique Glandières, from France TV advertising, clarifies the importance of the programme throughout the year: “We use our box throughout the year knowing that the programme at Stade de France suits all our target customers”.

“For Bureau Veritas, it meant finding a prestigious programme, allowing them to multiply meetings throughout the year, and offering a diversified programme to meet the tastes of as many people as possible”, reports Marc Boissonnet.

Finally, David Robin, from SPIE, summarises his choice with these few words: “The attraction of the location for guests, the variety and quality of the programme, the friendly atmosphere that is conducive to exchanges, the organisation and the service provided by Lenôtre make this programme a success. The union of internal enthusiasm and the delight of guests after the event is the proof of this”.

Are you still hesitating about taking the plunge and signing up for a Hospitality Programme? Discover all of our customers’ accounts and/or ask to be contacted by our consultants.

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