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Public relations
Wednesday 10 July 2019

Public Relations: our recipe for a suc-cessful event!

There is little room for improvising when it comes to organising a public rela-tions event: the success of this kind of communication campaign is primarily down to planning.
Imagine, target, organise and then communicate: These are the four in-gredients for conducting effective public relations. Here is our recipe for a successful event!

Strategic public relations events

The first step is to think about the long-term event strategy: determine what is motivating you to plan public relations events.
No company can refrain from communicating with its internal or external au-diences, but companies must choose communication campaigns appropri-ately. PR events have different objectives, for example, announcing a strate-gic plan, establishing a relationship of trust with the guests, presenting a new product or service, addressing a lack of awareness, promoting an image or defusing a crisis.

To help you choose the most suitable event for achieving your objectives, we have established six criteria to follow in order to implement a suitable public relations programme.

Prepared public relations events

Organising a PR event, means earning, engaging and strengthening trust among priority target audiences. To do this, it is important to determine be-forehand with whom management or the relevant department needs to com-municate. Next, it is best to form a homogeneous group of guests: bringing together people from similar business activities or customers from the same region. This will undoubtedly encourage discussion and a friendly atmos-phere, the main advantages of such an event!

Targeted public relations events

Carrying out a checklist makes it possible to plan the main steps to be taken prior to the event and therefore makes organising it easier. This is our check-list.

Bring together the relevant teams for these public relations operations (sales teams, managers, senior staff, etc.) and involve them in advance by creating a dedicated steering committee to determine everyone’s needs: who will attend, what the event will be, who are the target audience and what is the objective of the event.

Perform detailed reverse planning for each event to set deadlines… and stick to them! There are some general rules to follow, such as sending the invitation (written or electronic) two months before the event and sending practical information no later than fif-teen days before it.

Write guest leaflets summarising the history of the company and the guests’ interests, which will help to encourage guests to connect with others and offer topics of conversa-tion.

Prepare all logistical information so that guests feel supported from the moment that they receive the invitation until they are greeted at the event reception.

Organise a briefing a few days before the event for all staff that are invited. The agenda should remind people of the objectives of the event, essential information about the guests and the recommended attitude to adopt. Remember that the VIP box or lounge VIP lounge is not the place to negotiate contracts. Holding a public relations event is, first and foremost, about enjoying time with your guests in a special, friendly and relaxed envi-ronment.

Advertised public relations events

The impact of a public relations operation is down to both the event and the communication carried out beforehand.
Creating tools to advertise the event is essential but engaging the audience and creating desire are also necessary!
The target audience that is often called upon for PR events, will be drawn to programme content, the story that the brand tells through this communication campaign. Holding the attention of the targeted guests until D-Day helps to increase interest in the event.

Thus, the recipe for a successful public relations event lies in preparation and involving all the relevant players (organisers, committed employees, ser-vice providers, etc.).
With 20 years of experience organising the Hospitality Programme, Stade de France offers you several possibilities for holding high-end public relations events and will support you in defining and achieving your objectives.

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