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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Leading your community of brand ambassadors

While in diplomacy, an ambassador represents a State with a foreign State; in marketing, s/he defines the people who speak about a brand, product or service in a positive and spontaneous manner. They therefore become influencers… and this constitutes an essential commercial asset!
In the era of networking, your ambassadors are the showcase of your business. You must take the time to lead this community by listening to them, pampering them, rewarding them to make your brand reach out naturally to potential customers. What better than a Hospitality Programme for doing this!

Brand Ambassadors: Who are they?

Loyal customers
Your loyal and satisfied customers are your best ambassadors, they spontaneously recommend your company to their relatives or on the web. Apple won't tell you the contrary with its apple lovers!

All the players who make up your ecosystem (business partners, suppliers or other stakeholders) play a vital role as natural ambassadors, so maintain good relations with them!

You should not forget your internal ambassadors: those who work alongside you daily! Employees who love their work and who feel valued will speak of the company in a positive way.

Influencers act primarily on the web: bloggers, YouTubers or Instagrammers… what defines them is their high visibility and their e-reputation which offer commitment to the brands that they recommend to their followers or fans.

How can you seduce them?

Your ambassadors are involved and engaged with your brand. In return, they expect special attention. Question them regularly to collect their opinions, listen to them, thank them for their involvement. They like to be valued, listened to and feel different from the others, so please don’t hesitate to surprise them!
Choosing a Hospitality Programme is one of the solutions for creating and maintaining this privileged relationship with your brand ambassadors… If, of course, you offer them a schedule that suits them!

Their own programme for each brand ambassador!

Loyal customers
By following our advice presented in the white paper, " Successful Hospitality Programmes ", you will know who to invite and how to proceed so that they respond positively to your invitation. Followers of football or fans of Metallica, you will invite them to an evening that suits them, to spend this unique moment together in a "private box".

Whether this is an insurer with its brokers, dealers of a car brand who invite their regional partners or an SME with its business introducers… What better way to lead your network than with a convivial moment shared in a VIP lounge? In an atmosphere promoting exchanges, you will thus create shared memories with your guests.

Is the budget allocated for internal Hospitality of less consequence than that for your customers or business introducers? To reward and highlight your employees, invite them to live a rugby game as a VIP, a sport that conveys the values of your company so that the moment shared together echoes the story of your company.

For this group, it’s best not to disappoint them… everything will be repeated live on the networks! More than a privileged moment, give them a unique experience. For example, a camera brand invited influencers and journalists to test its latest wide-angle lens during a concert. The arena and the view from the box were perfect for the product demonstration.

As you will have understood, the best ambassadors of your brand are those who will feel listened to, valued, rewarded… A Hospitality Programme adapted to each person will offer you the possibility of living special and privileged moments with them and to lead your community with highlights.
Don’t forget… The words and the approval of an ambassador are worth much more than when you talk about your company!

* Note that influencers are sometimes differentiated from brand ambassadors because they can talk about a brand or a product in exchange for remuneration.

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