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Friday 8 April 2022

Organising your public relations: good advice from Stade de France

Are you launching a public relations activity but you don't know yet if you are going to organise it yourself or if you are going to call on an external service provider? Stade de France gives you its formula for making the best choice!
It is based on three levers: time, budget and know-how. Overall, if you have the expertise, the time and a small budget, then go ahead and organise your public relations yourself. If on the other hand, you lack time, you don’t have all the skills in-house and have a comfortable budget, then don’t hesitate to entrust this marketing activity to a market professional.
As you can see, it is understanding these three levers that will determine how you will set up your public relations.

1. I organise my public relations internally

The advantage of this choice is to control your budget, to remain in charge of the overall and operational coordination of the event and to also be able to rely on "turnkey" offers packaged by service providers, such as Stade de France, who facilitates the task of inviting companies.
The disadvantage is the time spent. A successful public relations event requires time and human investment, as we explain in our "Making your Hospitality programme a success" white paper

Stade de France's good advice on public relations

This white paper will prove to be a useful toolbox for organising your event! We detail the four key steps in the form of important questions. Why do I do public relations: my goals? For whom: the targets of my future actions? By whom will this programme be conducted? How do I go about organising them? It also describes everything that needs to be done before, during and after your public relations activity to make it a success.
In short, if you decide to take charge of organising your event, there is no secret: it is your commitment that will make the difference!

2. I rely on a public relations consultant

The advantage of calling on a public relations consultant is that you can rely on an expert who will guide you and adopt the best strategy according to your issues, your targets and your budget: a real communicator's job!

Stade de France's good advice on public relations

-Mission number one: find the right partner. Communication agencies specialised in public relations or event venues such as stadiums or large concert halls who also have expert consulting teams in this field.
The advantage of a partner like Stade de France is twofold: we are a long-term player in the field who has been organising quality hospitality events for several decades, but we are also a public relations consultant. Our team of experts supports customers from various sectors of the CAC 40, as well as local SMEs, to offer them the best public relations strategy. We offer you a wide range of services to suit many audiences and all budgets!

-Mission number two: Determine what you expect from the partner, such as ensuring the overall implementation, promoting and publicising the event, managing the budget... List precisely what you expect from them and formalise it. You need to know who does what as in any business relationship. This is even more important in public relations, because you (the customer) will have to invest your time and effort on D-day.

Whatever the level of commitment you want to put in to your public relations, we support you to make the best choice according to the three starting levers: time, budget, know-how, so don’t hesitate to contact our advisers!

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