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photo Salon Ephémère lors d'un concert au Stade de France
Public relations
Thanking your best customers, leading your network, maintaining good relations with local elected representatives are so many good reasons for inviting your business partners through a Hospitality...
Programme Hospitalités : un levier pour développer votre notoriété
Public relations
Reputation means the knowledge that the public has of a brand, a service or a product. All businesses know it: to multiply contracts and increase their turnover, they must, above all, make themselves...
Animer votre communauté d'ambassadeurs de marque
Public relations
While in diplomacy, an ambassador represents a State with a foreign State; in marketing, s/he defines the people who speak about a brand, product or service in a positive and spontaneous manner. They...
Expérience en loge privative pendant un concert au Stade de France
Public relations
There is little room for improvising when it comes to organising a public rela-tions event: the success of this kind of communication campaign is primarily down to planning. Imagine, target,...
Inviting partners to a prestigious event is more than just an opportunity to spend a friendly moment in a special setting; it is also a business operation that must meet specific objectives. It’s not...
Organising a public relations (PR) activity means offering excellence to your business relationships: loyal customers, prospects, partners, shareholders, employees, etc. These programmes are suitable...
Invités en loge pendant un événement au Stade de France
Public relations
It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of public relations for the business development of any company. Find new customers and retain them, establish a relationship of trust with your...
Stade de France is the stadium for all French people! Whether they are keen supporters of the French team, a fan of Johnny Hallyday or Muse, every French person has a unique history with Stade de...
Personnes dans un salon VIP du Stade de France
Public relations
To help make sure your corporate hospitality package is a great success, we've put together 10 tips that will give your guests an unforgettable experience at the same time as securing real benefits...
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