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Customer Loyalty
Monday 20 January 2020

Top 5 of the best customer loyalty tools

Discover our Top 5 tools for retaining your customers! More than loyalty points, promotional codes or newsletters… today, brands have many levers for developing a sustainable relationship with their communities.

Whether that means receiving a welcome gift or sponsorship, acquiring points on a loyalty card, using a promotional code on an e-commerce site… We have all already returned to a brand in order to benefit from these specific advantages. Beyond these traditional customer loyalty tools, businesses will today go further in their strategy to keep their customers through CRM strategies, social networks but also company recommendation and Hospitality Programmes. Whether you are an SME, a company specialised in B2B or a large brand, discover our Top 5 of the best customer loyalty tools to use as much as you like !

The traditional customer loyalty tools

Studies prove that the average basket of an existing customer is 15 to 25% higher than that of a new customer. All the major brands have clearly understood this and have developed loyalty programmes for their customers, such as those well-known ones of transport companies (example: the SNCF traveller card), those of all the supermarkets (example: Auchan’s Waaoh card) or e-commerce sites (example: sponsorship on veepee.com).
If the privileges offered to your customers are well thought out, some of them will regularly return to your brand. Beyond these direct benefits, they will have, actually, taken the time to appreciate it and will no longer be able to do without it!

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM)

The more you know about your customers, their habits and tastes, the more you will be able to offer them what they want and even better, to go beyond their expectations. It is at this time that CRM, the conversational marketing tool, comes into play.
Thanks to these customer databases, you will personalise your loyalty tools and communicate, by emails or newsletters, in a targeted and reactive way, with each of your contacts. All the traditional loyalty tools will therefore be optimised, because they are customised for a lasting relationship with your customers.

Social networks

Just like CRM, social networks maintain a privileged customer relationship, and what’s more, on a one-to-one basis. With a good communication strategy, and in particular, a content strategy, your community can follow the brand, take ownership of it, interact, participate in competitions or even enjoy the benefits reserved for fans… and thus become devout ambassadors of the brand.
These platforms are also used as an influential loyalty tool: Social Selling lets you propose offers in perfect adequacy with the profile of your consumers thanks to their powerful algorithms.

Company referral

When you know that a customer who has been referred is 16% more loyal than a customer acquired by other methods, company referral represents a strategy for winning on two fronts: with your already loyal customers and those who will become so through this!
If you ask yourself how to seize this opportunity, you should know that we have dedicated a section on how customer referral can become your primary business asset.

Hospitality Programmes

In a BtoB relationship, a Hospitality Programme is one of the best levers for creating and maintaining a privileged relationship with your customers. You pass a milestone as you come even closer to their expectations. They will feel therefore listened to, valued and rewarded thanks to your invitation to an event that interests them, and this, in an exceptional environment. Living these informal moments with them will allow you to retain them in the long term. To create your Hospitality Programme with complete peace of mind, we have listed some best practice ideas to implement and that you will find in our "Successful Hospitality Programmes" white paper.

Beyond the tools, what is important for retaining your customers is your investment to develop a long-term relationship of trust, quality of listening and special moments. As we explain in our white paper, we are confident that your customers are your first ambassadors; at Stade de France, we offer you the possibility of thanking them for their involvement in spending unique and unforgettable moments with you.

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