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Monday 14 October 2019

So that your event’s location is accessible to People with Reduced Mobility: what you need to know

Disabled access ramps, lifts, parking spaces, toilets… so many reduced mobility cri-teria that the location hosting your event must respect. Discover them in this blog post.

About one person in six suffers from a heavy or light disability in France and there are no less than 850,000 People with Reduced Mobility.
According to the Act of 11 February 2005 on the equality of rights and opportunities, a disability presents "any limitation of activity or restriction in participation in life in society suffered by a person in their environment because of a substantial, lasting or definitive alteration of one or sev-eral physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychic functions, multiple disabilities or an invalidating health disorder".
Disability is therefore defined as much at the social as the medical level, expressed amongst other things by a disability vis-à-vis an environment in terms of accessibility, for example.
As much for the number of people concerned by the societal challenge, accessibility is-sues are therefore essential. When organising an event, it is essential to observe these standards so that it is ac-cessible to all and not discriminating.

Accessibility of Public Access Buildings for People with Re-duced Mobility: what do we mean by this?

Public Access Buildings must all be accessible to people with disabilities and includ-ing People with Reduced Mobility since the Act of 2005.

It provides that "for the equality of rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with dis-abilities" lPublic Access Buildings should apply strict standards to receive them. This includes ac-cessibility commissions, accurate diagnostics, development rules, signage for people with a disability.

What conditions must my event’s location fulfil so that it is ac-cessible for People with Reduced Mobility?

To get to the event’s location
Whatever form of transport is chosen, organisers must inform themselves to verify that the seminar’s location is adapted to disabled people, but how can you be sure?
The Paris Info site, the official site of the Tourism and Conventions Office, provides the keys to make travel in the capital easier. It summarises the transport offers available, reserved parking spaces or even adapted parking spaces: A true gem!

To participate in the event on the spot
Once you have arrived at the event’s location, you must check that the reception facilities on site are compliant. The facilities must also comply with standards so that people with disabilities - in the same way as other people - benefit from this time without any restrictions and in complete autonomy.
As a reminder, accessibility is characterised by:

  • Wide and uncluttered passageways and paths,
  • Walk-in access with a disabled access ramp or a lift,
  • An adapted lift,
  • Reception or changing room counters with a lowered part,
  • Sanitary facilities with a space and a transfer bar and equipped with an adequate washbasin.

As a Public Access Building location, Stade de France welcomes people with disabilities to its events, be they from the general public or corporate guests. For your corporate event, all of the areas and the majority of the activities are accessible to People with Re-duced Mobility.

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