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Stade de France and French variety

Upcoming French pop concerts at Stade de France

06 May 2023

Past French pop concerts at Stade de France

September 2009Mylène Farmer

It was also in 2009 that Mylène Farmer presented a grandiose spectacle that only Stade de France could accommodate. The central stage had an opening 70m wide and 20m high. This stage made especially for Stade de France, remains Europe's biggest ever stage created for a concert. The tickets were sold out in 3 hours, one year before this exceptional concert.

September 2019GIMS

A multi-award-winning artist with more than 4 million albums sold, GIMS will be performing at the Stade de France on September 28th. A monumental concert not to be missed, with DADJU first part!

May 2019STARS 80 & FRIENDS

Come dance, sing and let loose at a wild night with the emblematic singers of STARS 80. After 11 years of sold-out tours and more than 3.5 million audience members, Stars 80 will once again be causing a stir at Stade de France. Catch all the iconic singers from these tours on stage again, performing with their guests, live band and dancers at MASSIVE MAIN PARTY 80!

September 2017LES INSUS 2

After a sell-out tour of more than six months, Les Insus (Jean-Louis AUBERT, Louis BERTIGNAC, Richard KOLINKA and Aleksander ANGELOV) have announced the "Dernier Appel" [Final Call] for 2017! They will go back on the road next summer for a series of concerts which will conclude with a one-off appearance at Stade de France on Friday, 15 September! "We wanted this great happiness to end in beauty! " - Les Insus

May 2015STAR 80

STARS 80, the most popular show in France for 7 years, attracting audiences of more than 25 million and featuring 40 artists on stage: Lio Emile et Images Sabrina Cookie Dingler Début de Soirée Jean Pierre Mader Patrick Hernandez Pauline Ester Patrick Coutin Jean Schultheis Phil Barney Rose Laurens Julie Pietri Laroche Valmont Jean Pierre Morgand (Les Avions). Guests announced: Gilbert Montagné Holly Johnson from the group Frankie Goes to Hollywood Priscilla Betti Jimmy Somerville or the Bananarama! Sounds for the ages, a dazzling light show and legendary images of the great events of the 1980s: 3.5 hours of partying guaranteed! Get ready to sing and dance -- come relive the wild 80s in concert.


Indochine, the legendary French rock band, will once again hold the stage at Stade de France, on 27 June 2014. On 26 June 2010, more than 80,000 fans were won over by their first history-making concert in Stade de France. A new date for an exceptional Indochine concert, the apotheosis of their triumphant Black City Tour. Guests: Trust (from Montréal) and Toybloid

June 2010Indochine

For all the fans of Indochine, their visits to Stade de France in 2010 and in 2014 remained two unforgettable events. Their faithful audience went crazy for hours at the sound of songs from the soundtrack of their youth, and Stade de France once again created the event.

May 2009Johnny Hallyday

The stands of Stade de France still resonate with the mythical concerts of Johnny Hallyday. Stade de France is above all an atmosphere, and nobody better than Johnny represents this atmosphere; he is a regular since he has come three times to play nine concerts in total. Memorable concerts every time. His last concert at Stade de France took place in 2009.

Stade de France and French variety


Since its creation, Stade de France has welcomed the greatest stars of French pop. Stade de France is not only a mythical arena for sporting competitions, it is also a place for live performances. Come and buzz with the crowd to the sound of the most prestigious concerts! You can see the stars of music and the live show who will offer you performances that you won't be ready to forget.

Each variety performance at Stade de France will bring you exceptional moments. Come and be as one in front of one of your favourite artists, a star, a mythical group. Experience this buzz, come and live to the sound of a grand spectacle, a concert that you will never forget. Music at its temple, and this temple is Stade de France.

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