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Prohibited items


  • Banners, insignia, badges, leaflets or any other medium whose purpose is to be seen by others for political, ideological, philosophical or commercial purposes or notably having a racist or xenophobic character.
  • Animals, except in exceptional cases (guide dogs)
  • All objects that could be used a projectile, to build a weapon or threaten public safety, in particular: weapons (knives, sharp objects, revolvers...), tools, glassware (bottles, glasses...), helmets, foghorns, rigid and large diameter flag poles (less than 80 mm), bars, cans, plastic bottles of over 0.5 litres (the cap must be removed), cans, bars, selfie sticks.
  • Flares and fireworks: sparklers, torches and candles, Bengal flares, bangers, smoke bombs, rockets, etc.
  • Large umbrellas with a pointed metal part, safety shoes or shoes with an external metal frame.
  • Any alcoholic beverage.

All ticket holders are informed that they are likely to be filmed inside the Stadium or in accessing it as part of video surveillance measures.

There is a free left-luggage service to the right of each gate at Stade de France.

List of Prohibited Items at Stade de France

Pas d'appareil photo professionnel
Pas de GoPro
Pas de caméra
Pas de téléphone
Pas d'animaux
Pas de casque
Pas de parapluie
Pas de drapeau
Pas d'alcool
Pas de bouteilles d'eau
Pas de verres
Pas d'armes
Pas d'articles pyrotechniques
Pas d'outils
Pas de valises

List of Items Accepted at Stade de France

  • Flexible, hollow and small diameter flag poles (less than 80 mm)
  • Small umbrellas are accepted, unless the weather does not warrant them
  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras except professional camera equipment and zoom lenses
  • Small binoculars (e.g. opera glasses)
  • Fruit juice cartons with a capacity of
  • Plastic bottles
  • Fruit (single)
  • Home-made sandwiches
  • Handbags, small bags and backpacks

If the owner of an unauthorised object refuses to part with it, access to the stadium will be refused.

This list is not exhaustive and may change subject to requests from the organisers.


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