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Official ticket exchange



Buy and sell your tickets completely legally

The official Stade de France ticket exchange provides spectators with the opportunity to buy and resell their unused tickets in a legal and secure environment. It is only available for part of our programme.

Packages and VIP seats purchased on our site cannot be resold.


Want to resell tickets?

You can resell one or more tickets very easily from your account.
To do this, follow the steps below:


Log in to your Personal space


Click the Resell tickets tab


Click the View details button for the concert concerned


Tick the tickets you wish to resell and confirm by clicking on Resell selected tickets


Set the selling price per ticket


Confirm the information and confirm by clicking on Put on sale


Want to buy tickets?


Go to the page of the event concerned


Click on the official Ticket exchange button


.Select the ticket(s) you wish to buy


Fill in your bank details then click on Pay


Confirm the information and confirm by clicking on Buy now

Choosing the Stade de France ticket exchange gives you the guarantee of:

  • Enjoying tickets originally purchased on the official Stade de France website, with resellers officially mandated by the organisers.
  • Reselling your seat right up until the day of the concert.
  • Reselling your ticket free of charge. Only the new purchaser pays administration fees.
  • Enjoying tickets whose selling price, as determined by the reseller, cannot be greater than its face value. It must be between 50 and 100% of its initial price.
  • Being sure that the tickets are blocked and secured as soon as they are put in the cart, and until the end of the transaction.
  • Cancelling the resale of your ticket if it has not yet been placed in the cart of a possible buyer.
  • Recovering, in the event of resale, up to the full purchase value of your ticket.

Do not hesitate to use one of the best services to resell your place purchased on our platform. Many other fans will be happy to be able to buy safely.

Beware of scams

Many show producers are still reporting fake tickets being put into circulation to abuse the needs of fans. Some are also often sold at exorbitant prices, by third parties not authorized for this type of sale. This is detrimental to artists, but also to their public who can have very bad experiences believing they are doing good business.

It is important to be vigilant and not to buy concert tickets on the sly in front of the performance hall hoping to enter. Very often, these are counterfeit notes. Don't trust impromptu salespeople. You will lose your money there and will not be able to attend the desired evening either.

Going through our platform, in a few clicks with identified users, guarantees you to buy tickets at fair prices, until the D-day of the show!

Once you have used it, you will be used to it and you will see all its interest. It will be easy for you to surprise a loved one by deciding, at the last moment, to offer them a memorable evening without breaking the bank thanks to our Stade de France ticket exchange.


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