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Shows at Stade de France

Previous shows at Stade de France

October 2010AIDA

Discover or rediscover Verdi’s masterpiece in exceptional conditions. With hundreds of actors accompanied by horses and war chariots, on an immense stage 85m wide... AIDA let us experience a grand spectacle

September 2006Ben-Hur

At its first performance on September 20 2006, Ben-Hur attracted more than 300,000 spectators in a Stade de France completely transformed into a Roman amphitheatre with a sand arena of more than 15,000 m2 used, in particular, to recreate the famous chariot races.


Among the most popular shows at Stade de France, those of Stars 80, since February 2013, have been a great success. This wave of going back to your roots is composed of several artists from the 80s who perform their greatest hit. Artists like François Feldman, Emile et Images, Cookie Dingler or Lio who, just as they did when they set out, know how to put on a fantastic show for their long-standing fans.

Shows at Stade de France


About shows at Stade de France

Apart from football and rugby matches, Stade de France regularly hosts performances of a very wide variety of shows, including musicals, plays, performances by comedians, famous singers or magicians. Enough to satisfy everyone!

Over the years, we have therefore been able to see major shows such as Excalibur, Ben-Hur, and more recently, the performance of AIDA, Verdi's Pharaonic opera.

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