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Roger Waters at Stade de France

Roger Waters’ previous concerts at Stade de France

September 2013Wall Live

On 21 September 2013, to close his Wall Live tour, Roger Waters did us the honour of performing on the stage of Stade de France.  At this concert, he performed songs from the legendary Pink Floyd album, "The Wall".

Roger Waters at Stade de France


Biography of Roger Waters

Pink Floyd

Roger Waters was born on 6 September 1943 in Great Bookham. Unfortunately, he never knew his father, Eric Fletcher Waters, who was killed during the Second World War. Roger Waters suffered enormously from this absence and this is felt in his compositions.

In 1963, he founded his first group, called "6 Sigma", with Nick Mason and Richard Wright. Bob Klose and Syd Barrett joined the group in 1964. The group changed name several times: The Architectural Abdabs, then The Tea Set. Shortly after, the Pink Floyd group was formed and David Gilmour joined them early in 1968. Their first performances did not meet with great success with the public. In 1969, they created the music for the film "More" and released the album, "Meddle", which was a success.

The Wall

In 1978, Roger Waters presented "The Wall" to the rest of the group. It became a major album for the group, along with "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish you were here." He left the group in the early 80s and released his first solo album, "The pros and cons of hitch hiking" in 1984. David Sanborn, a well-known saxophonist and Eric Clapton, the guitarist, participated on this album. Unfortunately, it was not a success.

On 21 July 1990, Waters gave the biggest concert ever held in Europe in front of 300,000 people in Germany, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 2005, Waters rejoined Pink Floyd for a concert in London. Then, in 2006, he began an extensive tour in Europe.

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