Since 2009, Stade de France has engaged in a sustainable development approach: work with its territory, insertion, accessibility, recovery of waste.
On June 11th 2018, it signed The Environmentally Friendly Charter for Sports Facilities Managers by which it commits, alongside the French Ministry of Sports and many other actors in sport (organisers of events, stadiums and other sporting equipment) and with the expertise of the WWF.

Look at our latest CSR report in which you can read many accounts of the concrete actions of Stade de France: 2019-2020 CSR report.

2019-2020 CSR report


  • 1st stadium in France to have put in place, in 2010, the system of cups with a deposit with Ecocup, which allows more than 2 tonnes of plastic waste to be avoided each year.
  • 1st stadium in France to fit sorting bins for the spectators: nearly 600 bins.
  • In 2019, more than 3 tonnes of plastic recycled through the new sorting of plastic bottles
  • 100% of waste recovered including 14% recycled or intended for re-use (second life).
  • 1st stadium in France to fit water-free urinals - 188 urinals inaugurated at the beginning of 2016 - water savings estimated at 300,000 litres per year.
  • 65% of spectators travel to Stade de France by public transport.
  • Since 2014: redistribution to associations of unsold produce from the refreshment stands after each event at Stade de France, namely a total of:
  • 2019 figures:
    • 10,000 products redistributed to associations,
    • contributing to 4700 meals,
    • 2.3 tonnes of waste avoided.
Ecocup Stade de FrancePoubelle de triSTADEFRANCE/Au Stade, trionsUrinoirsGaspillage alimentaire


  • About a hundred people with reduced mobility welcomed to each event by around twenty dedicated agents.
  • Since 2014, 3,000 sick children welcomed to Stade de France each year during the "Journée Evasion" [Escape Day] organised by the Premiers de Cordée Association in the framework of the partnership with the Consortium Stade de France.
  • Support for local associations for the insertion of young people, in particular Proxité, since 2011.
  • Ongoing relations with the local residents: more than 1,000 participants each year at the local resident’s party in the arena of Stade de France since 2009.
  • Business-territory charter with Plaine Commune since 2008 and work each year with professional colleges in the département.
  • Hosting of the District 93 finals (football) since 2010.
Finale District 93 2017Journée ÉvasionVestiaires des joueurs au Stade de FranceCharte Entreprise Territoire Plaine Commune


The September 5, 2018 Act for the Freedom to Choose One’s Future Career heightened the obligations regarding equal pay for women and men. As from 2019, companies with more than 50 employees have been required to measure the pay gap between women and men with a view to eliminating it. For this purpose, a “gender equality” index was instituted. It is calculated annually and publicly disclosed by the company. At Consortium Stade de France, the gender equality index for calendar year 2021 amounted to 79 points.

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