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The Scotland rugby team: experience matches as a VIP!


February 2019 FRANCE / ÉCOSSE 2019 The French have lost only once at home against the Scottish XV: It was in 1999. Since then, the French team have won all of their meetings at Stade de France.
February 2017 FRANCE / ECOSSE 2017 The French have lost only once at home against the Scottish XV: It was in 1999. Since then, the French team have won all of their meetings at Stade de France.

The Scotland rugby team: experience matches as a VIP!


Whether you are a rugby fan, a fervent supporter of the Scottish team or simply curious... attending a rugby match of the Scotland team as a VIP guest with your customers or partners is always a unique moment to share. Bagpipes, kilts and a good-natured atmosphere: a look back at this team that embodies the positive values of this sport so much.

Scottish Rugby: an unrivalled friendly atmosphere!

The achievements of the Scottish XV

Since its first official match – and victory! - in 1871 against England, Scotland has followed the trajectory of the oval ball.
Better known for its values and atmosphere than its achievements, the Scottish team has won the European rugby tournament 22 times, including 3 Grand Slams. It performed particularly well after its creation, from 1886 to 1895, then in the 1900s and 1920s with fourteen victories and a Grand Slam in 1925… but since 2000, it’s been a real roller-coaster ride: it has never won the tournament again.
At world level, Scotland will remember 2017 for achieving its best ranking ever in fifth place. Its biggest victory was in 2004 against Japan (100 - 8).
In 2010, the Scottish Rugby Union inaugurated a Hall of Fame to honour Scotland’s iconic players. The VIP names include Ian McGeechan, Chris Paterson, John Jeffrey, Chris Rea, Bill Johnstone, etc.

Kilt and bagpipes

If you hear Flower of Scotland, the Scottish national anthem, and get a buzz from the sound of bagpipes at the kick-off: no doubt you are at Murrayfield in Edinburgh with 67,143 other fans!
The capacity of this stadium was even as high as 104,000 spectators in 1975 during a match between Scotland and Wales (link to VIP CEO page), before safety improvements were made to it.
The atmosphere is festive here; no hooligans here, a place for camaraderie between the best fans from the whole country! It is this atmosphere that characterises Rugby in Scotland. These kilted fans have a spirit of fair play in a good-natured atmosphere, all united under the thistle flower.
This symbol representing the Scottish rugby team is a tribute to the resistance of the Highlands. In 1010, Vikings wanting to attack a castle by surprise and at night removed their shoes to be quiet. A very bad tactic, because they were quickly spotted by their cries as they crossed a field of thistles!

France – Scotland rugby matches: unifying values to share with your VIP guests

France has played 97 official matches against Scotland since 1910, with 38 matches won for the Scottish XV versus 55 for the French team and four matches drawn.

So, do you want to experience the Scottish atmosphere? No need to board a plane, ticket in hand. Just go to Stade de France, where every time the Scotland team comes, there is a bit of Edinburgh that resonates in Paris. A unique experience that delights rugby fans and novices alike, for a memorable VIP weekend.

For its strong values on the pitch and in the after-match festivities, rugby is becoming increasingly popular and also appreciated by the BtoB public for Hospitality Programmes. Associate your company with the fraternity and conviviality of rugby and Scotland in the eyes of your VIP customers!

Let our teams at Stade de France guide you to invite your VIP customers to the next France – Scotland rugby matches in the tournament calendar. Whether in a private space, a shared box or a pre-match lounge, you will find the package that is tailored to the objectives of your Hospitality Programme and to your budget.

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