Key Dates

On July 2nd, 1992, International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) selects France to organize the FIFA World Cup in 1998.
At this time, there was no stadium able to host an event of over 45,000 people.

The government agrees to build a stadium of 80,0000 seats capable of hosting the biggest international sporting events.

Since its inauguration in 1998, Stade de France fulfills this mission and offers French spectators the most exceptional events : 1998 FIFA World Cup, 2003 World Athletics Championship, 2007 Rugby World Cup, three Champions League finals in 2000, 2006 and 2022, 2010 Heineken Cup final (currently named European Rugby Champions Cup) and the UEFA Euro 2016. Stade de France will also host ten games during the 2023 Rugby World Cup (which is taking place in France), and will host some events during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (also taking place in France).

Stade de France is the stadium that hosted the largest number of prestigious sporting events in the World.

Legendary shows were added to Stade de France's History : From The Rolling Stones to AC/DC, Madonna to the Black Eyed Peas, Johnny Halliday to U2, but also from Coldpay to the Red Hot Chili Peppers... the World's greatest artists have performed at Stade de France.

Stade de France has hosted more than 500 special events and about 35 million spectators since its inauguration.

The name "Stade de France®" was chosen

Following 31 months of construction works, Stade de France was inaugurated on the occasion of a friendly football game between France and Spain! Nevertheless, excitement in the stands was electric. With one premonitory kick to goal, Zinédine Zidane was the first player to hit the net at Stade de France. "Les Bleus" won the match 1-0 and made the day. And the rest is history...


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