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Customer Loyalty
Tuesday 3 March 2020

Customer relationship management: Where are you in your relationship?

Today, when we speak of the customer relationship, it is no longer a simple business relationship, but a strong and long-lasting link with your customers to meet their expectations and earn their trust. Promotional marketing campaigns, loyalty programmes, direct marketing: many tools are at your disposal to maintain this customer relationship… and supply your CRM software with data! The core of customer relationship management is to gather the most information possible, target even more offers and anticipate the expectations of your customers.

Yet times are changing: is Big Data in decline? Customers are no longer fooled by so-called traditional marketing tools and are very vigilant regarding the use of their personal data. Everyone must redouble their efforts to maintain a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

For good CRM, CRM software is no longer sufficient. As in any relationship, you must constantly renew yourself, surprise, be creative and listen! … and you, where are you in your relationship?

Here are three types of original relationships to develop with your customers.

1.A phygital relationship

In our increasingly connected society where customers have less and less time to manage their purchases, there is an effective solution in the management of the customer relationship: phygitalisation! That’s to say, the tendency to create more and more synergies between the physical universe of a brand and its digital world.

Explanation: a cross-channel strategy multiplies your actions to exchange, advise and respond to the needs of your customers. Concrete examples exist today: some customers are, for example, click and collect or drive-through fans who order online and then fetch their products in the store, others use web call back on a website to be contacted by customer service, while others go to the store to check on the availability of your products in other colours or sizes on your website, show their shopping cart created on your application to the vendor…

2.A community relationship

For the management of a personalised one-to-one customer relationship: your social networks are your best asset! On the one hand, in order to sell your products in a different way, Social Selling suggests offers in perfect keeping with the profile of your followers thanks to the powerful algorithms on these platforms.

Especially, it is here that your community can follow your brand, take ownership of it, interact, participate in competitions or even enjoy the benefits reserved for fans… and thus become devotees of your company!

3.Public relations

Whether it is to seduce prospects, retain customers or to transform your loyal customers into your brand’s ambassadors, public relations work for each stage of your customer relationship management. So that they feel listened to, valued and rewarded, nothing is better than to experience a pleasant and informal moment, and this in an exceptional environment. Stade de France gives you its secrets for creating a successful Hospitality Programme and thus enrich your customer relationships.

Whether this is thanks to a cross-channel business strategy, to your presence near your community on social networks or to your Hospitality Programme, which is crucial for optimised management of your customer relationship, it is your investment to develop a long-term sustainable relationship, a quality of listening and special moments.

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