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Customer Loyalty
Thursday 5 March 2020

3 tips to make customer satisfaction your strongest asset

Customer satisfaction: an essential business asset? Yes, because a satisfied customer is the most profitable solution for your sales and marketing strategy and the best advertisement for your brand. In short, it is an excellent way to increase your turnover. Two figures to prove it:
- The average basket of an existing customer is 15 to 25% higher than that of a new customer.
- A new customer costs between 4 and 10 times more than keeping one.

Here are 3 tips to place customer satisfaction at the heart of your sales and marketing approach!


The first tip for developing your customer satisfaction is understanding the ins and outs. Then, how can you recognise a satisfied customer? Three essential performance indicators can help you:
- The Customer Satisfaction Score gives the rate of overall satisfaction
- The Net Promoter Score indicates if the customer is ready to recommend the brand
- The Customer Effort Score assesses the experience after an interaction with the brand

Beyond these scores, what is essential, is analysing its levers with the help of studies, satisfaction barometers, post-service surveys, qualitative interviews, mystery customers…

This different quantitative and qualitative data will help you to identify the specific points of dissatisfaction, to determine the components of your customer satisfaction and therefore to adapt the loyalty tools to put in place.


It is better to satisfy a customer than to want to win a new one! You will spend less money in your customer relationship management that in recruiting a prospect. The existing customer has a potential to increase sales and repeat purchase that is much more interesting than a new customer.

So, pay them special attention! The consumers of today are no longer just simply targets, but people with an identity, preferences, habits... They are looking for a human relationship and a quality dialogue that is more than a simple product or service.

Don’t hesitate to ask their opinion! Consult them about your news, include them in the development of your future products.

Think of valuing them! Surprise your customers by inviting them to spend informal and unique moments to thank them for their commitment to your brand. For example, setting up a Hospitality Programme you will help you to increase the satisfaction of your customers.


The words of a customer are much more important than what you say about your products. You will have understood: When you place your satisfied customers at the heart of the relationship, this naturally contributes to your brand’s standing and directly impacts your business.

Today, more than 60% of consumers place their trust in the satisfaction of other users more than they do in the brand’s communication. Thanks to their opinion on websites, to their influence on the social networks, word-of-mouth… your satisfied and faithful customers become your sales force in recommending your company and/or becoming ambassadors of your brand. To find out more about this subject, you can consult our white paper "The customer, your ambassador", which summarises everything you need to know in the area of customer loyalty.

Your satisfied customers are without doubt your best advocates and constitute your brand’s showcase. They are, so to say, your best asset. Focus your time and your means on customer satisfaction and loyalty. These 3 tips will transform your marketing strategy into a winning strategy!

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