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Friendly matches

Previous friendly matches at Stade de France


Les Bleus will play their last friendly match before the Euro on June 8 at Stade de France against Bulgaria, 71st in the FIFA ranking.

November 2020FRANCE VS FINLAND 2020

Three days before meeting the Portuguese in the League of Nations match that will decide who takes first place in group 3, France will take on Finland at Stade de France.


This friendly confrontation against the Ukrainians will allow Didier Deschamps’ team to assess itself 4 days before a crucial League of Nations match against the Portuguese.

March 2020FRANCE VS UKRAINE 2020

As part of the measures taken by the public authorities concerning the coronavirus, the "France - Ukraine" meeting scheduled for Friday March 27 at the Stade de France will be held behind closed doors.

November 2018France vs Uruguay

The French side will host Uruguay in a friendly on Tuesday, 20 November at Stade de France.

March 2017France vs Spain 2017

The French team will take on Spain in a friendly match at Stade de France on Tuesday, 28 March 2017.

Friendly matches

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Attending a friendly football match at Stade de France is the opportunity to see big teams and extraordinary players play, in a more family-friendly and convivial atmosphere than in major competitive matches. But what is a friendly match? What are the differences between competitive and friendly matches? Why are friendly matches important for competitions?

In this article, we will elaborate on all of these points, but above all, a friendly match often remains an unforgettable spectacle. Did you know? In a friendly match, a coach can make as many substitutions as he wants unlike the maximum of 3 substitutions in a competitive match.

What is a friendly football match?

By convention, non-competitive matches are called friendlies. These matches can be organised between national sides and between clubs. Hitherto nothing special; yet friendlies play an important role; they are a strategic tool for the coach to:

  • work on the motivation of his team and test that of other teams
  • test a player in competition without taking too great a risk
  • showcase a young player who has everything to prove to his team-mates, and his spectators
  • prepare the spectators and fans for the next competitive matches
  • win and climb the FIFA rankings

Friendlies are a different format of more emotional competition, competition in the hearts of fans and spectators: how emotional to see the birth of a great player on the pitch, or see the star who has just joined the team play. Finally, the friendlies earn points in the FIFA rankings.

This is very important when it comes to draws for the play-offs. In this draw, the highest-ranked teams will play against the lowest-ranked teams drawn by lot. Thus, not being well-placed in the FIFA rankings can eliminate you from a competition, by meeting the best-performing team at the outset.

As you will have understood, friendlies are at least as important as competitive matches, and they are more often livelier and more spectacular.

Experience a friendly match at Stade de France

Designed to host major international and national sporting events, Stade de France is regularly the scene of friendly football matches. It is a feast of football, the taste for fine technical skills, football for the love of the game. Friendlies can be an opportunity for teams to test a new attacking or defensive system against a powerful team.

Programme of friendly matches at Stade de France:

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