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E-Gift Card

E-carte cadeau

Give the Stade de France e-gift card all year round!

Are you looking for a simple & easy-to-use gift that adapts to your budget? Offer an e-gift card to your friends, your family or your team.

Football, rugby, concerts, e-gift cards are available for all events hosted at Stade de France, excluding the 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympic Games. You can use it to buy tickets for an event or for the VIP offers which will enable you to enjoy the Stade de France experience in privileged conditions in our VIP lounges or boxes.

The e-gift card adapts to all budgets since you can buy it in amounts of 20 euros, 50 euros or enter whatever amount you like (10 euros minimum).



A last-minute gift to offer?

E-gift cards may be purchased at any time on stadefrance.com, then you just have to print out the gift voucher at home, so you can therefore offer one at the last minute.

Are you a company wanting to thank your sales force, retain your employees? 

Offer them Stade de France e-gift cards, as the diversity of events hosted at Stade de France satisfies all tastes!

Conditions of use

You can use the e-gift card as a way of paying for your ticket office order exclusively on www.stadefrance.com. To do this, you just have to enter the code on your e-gift card to pay for your purchase.

If you have several e-gift cards, you can enter several codes to pay for the same purchase.

You can also use a portion of the amount shown on your e-card for a first purchase and use the remaining amount for a second purchase, for example.

You must print out the e-gift card yourself, as Stade de France will not send it by post. It may not be used to pay for Stade de France tours.

In the event of loss or theft, no duplicates will be issued and no refund or credit will be given. No credit or remaining balance refund will be given if you do not use all of your e-card.

Expiry date

The e-gift cards are valid for two years from the date of their purchase on stadefrance.com regardless of the date of the event which you attend. Beyond this deadline, the e-card’s value will be lost, and no credit will be issued.


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