General terms and conditions governing online ticket sales for the FFR

General terms and conditions governing online ticket sales for the ffr
terms & conditions as of july 15th, 2015


You are now using the French Rugby Federation’s (FFR) distance selling ticketing service. Every purchaser is systematically made aware of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale before he can place an order. Accordingly, when placing an order, the purchaser tacitly and unconditionally accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in whole.

The FFR is the organiser of the matches, unless otherwise indicated at the time of the order.

In the event that the FFR is not the organiser, the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall solely apply to the sale of tickets by the FFR, and not to the event itself. The organiser of said match is entitled to set his own bylaws.


1 - Access to the stadium

During all events and whatever the venue where they are held, spectators shall comply with all bylaws specific to said venue. By acquiring an e-ticket, the purchaser tacitly and unconditionally agrees with the provisions of said bylaws. Any person failing to comply with said bylaws may be denied access to the stadium or may be evicted from the premises and shall not be entitled to a refund of their ticket.

All spectators agree to obey the safety and security measures set by the FFR or called for by the bylaws of the stadium or other venue where the match is held; failure to comply shall render them subject to eviction and legal proceedings. All spectators, inclusive of children, must carry a ticket. It is strictly prohibited for children to be held in the arms or on the knees of their carer. Moreover, the FFR advises parents not to bring children under 5 to the stadium or venue concerned.

Access to the stadium or venue concerned shall be denied to persons who are blacklisted and barred from entering stadiums following a court or administrative order. Access to the stadium or venue shall be denied to any person displaying obviously violent, racist or insulting behaviour, as well as to any person obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs, without prejudice to further proceedings.

Upon entering the stadium, the ticketholder shall agree to a summary security search and to the visual inspection of his hand luggage performed by a police officer and/or an officially-authorised employee of the event organisers, and he may be asked to show any objects he may be carrying.

It is advisable to take your seat no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Access to the site and/or numbered seating cannot be guaranteed once the event has started, and late arrivals shall not be entitled to a refund.

2 - Prohibited objects

Any objects prohibited in the concerned stadium bylaws shall be held in safekeeping or seized. Admission is immediate. In the event that the ticketholder wishes to leave the premises between two matches, he shall show his e-ticket when exiting, and show it once again when re-entering. The ticketholder commits to obeying the law and any regulations relating to safety and security in sports facilities, and especially the provisions contained in articles L. 332-3 to L. 332-16 of the Sports Code.

3 - Vvideo surveillance

The public is hereby advised that, for safety and security purposes, the stadium may be equipped with a video surveillance system, controlled by judicial police officers and liable to be used in the event of legal proceedings. Right of access is applicable, in accordance with article 10V of the Act dated January 21st, 1995.

4 - Other safety and security provisions

All photography, filming or recording is prohibited during the event. Competition bylaws, organiser requirements (for security purposes, for instance) or cases of force majeure may exceptionally lead the organisers to ask a ticketholder to temporarily occupy a seat of comparable quality as the one he has purchased, with no liability to the organisers. Generally speaking, events are held under the sole responsibility of the organisers.


It is prohibited to use, resell or exchange tickets for promotional or commercial purposes.


Any person attending the event gives their prior consent and agrees to give organisers free of charge the right to use and reproduce their image and their voice on any media, in relation with the event and/or the promotion of the stadium or the organisers’ business, such as photos, TV and giant screen broadcasts, video and audio broadcasts and/or recordings, for a period of 10 years throughout Europe.


Ticket prices are shown in euros, including taxes. Various types of rates are available, according to the event.

It is up to the organisers to set the total amount of reserved seats which one person may accumulate. All orders, wherever they may come from, are solely payable in euros.

No ticket may be refunded, even in the event of loss or theft, or be traded in or exchanged, excepting in the event of a show cancellation and a decision by the organisers to refund the tickets.

Furthermore, no ticket may be resold at a higher price than its face value. The organisers reserve the right to modify prices at any time, but the products shall be invoiced on the basis of prices in effect at the time of taking the order. Tickets shall remain the property of the event organisers until the amount has been definitively paid in full to the FFR.


The ticket booking process happens in real time. Accordingly, our server shows you the real-time availability of tickets at the instant when you place your order. In the event that a ticket is not available, our server automatically suggest the best remaining seats. The shopping cart helps you to check whether the seats assigned to you actually match your wishes. Indeed, if those seats are not suitable to you, you may delete them from your shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding “recycle bin” pictogram.


While you place your order, your seats may be shown on a map (if it is available) provided they are numbered. The location of your seats is provided for information purposes, in the most representative way possible. However, depending to the true size of the venue shown on the map, the location may indicate either the actual seat or an area within the venue where the seats are located. The stadium map should in no way be construed as a commitment on our part with regards to the actual location of your seat.


To place an order, the customer shall use an electronic order form available online on the ticketing website in the “MY ACCOUNT” section, via the “MY ORDERS” tab. The sale is deemed final once the order form is received by the FFR. Prior to placing an order, the customer shall complete the requested information using the form available online on the website. The customer certifies that the information thus provided is true and correct. The ordering process includes the following steps: searching for and choosing the event for which he wants to place an order; checking the detail of his order, and the total price; correcting any would-be errors; filling in the customer contact details, and reading and accepting the general terms and conditions of sale; checking the information provided, and paying for the order. The customer’s order is followed by an order confirmation email.

Then the e-ticket must be downloaded and printed from the “MY ACCOUNT” section via the “MY E-TICKETS” tab.


In accordance with article L. 134-2 of the French Consumer Code, the FFR shall retain the written documentation as proof of any order made by the customer for an amount equal to or above €120, this for a period of ten years as of delivery of the product ordered. The FFR further guarantees that the customer may have access to the documentation at any time during said period.


Only bank card payments are accepted. This mode of payment ensures that you can book your tickets online and immediately complete the sale. The following cards are accepted to pay for an order: “Carte Bleue”, “Visa” and “Mastercard”. For all bank card payments, the card may be debited as soon as the order is validated. The debit on the bank card is separate from the actual collection of the tickets. In any event, the tickets are paid for even if you fail to collect your tickets.


The FFR has asked SOGENACTIF, a company specialised in secure online payments, to handle its payment system. We can guarantee the full confidentiality of your banking data, secured by the SSL protocol which systematically controls access permissions when you make your bank card payment, and encrypts all messages in order to guarantee their confidentiality. The private data that you provide will help us to correctly manage your transaction. In addition, once this data has been recorded, it will help you perform your future transactions faster following the creation of your account. It also allows us to contact you, if at all possible, in the event that a show where you have booked seats is cancelled, postponed or relocated.

The FFR may ask you via phone or email for additional information about the purchaser (identity papers, for instance) and the holder of the bank card used for making the payment, depending on the total amount of your order and on whether the purchaser has provided a postal address.

You are entitled at any time to access and rectify any data concerning you, by emailing the organisers at (art. 34 of the Act of January 6th, 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties).

The information which the customer is asked to provide is required in processing his order. Without this information, the FFR cannot accept the order. The customer is hereby informed that all private data collected will be processed automatically under the responsibility of the organisers who are receiving his order. The customer may write to the organisers who are receiving his order, whose contact details are shown on their website in the “Contact” section, if he wishes to exercise his right to access, query, or make legitimate opposition or rectification with respect to any data concerning him and being processed by the organisers concerned, in accordance with the terms set down in the Act of January 6th, 1978. In particular, the customer is entitled to refuse, at no cost to himself, that any data concerning him be used for prospective and especially commercial purposes.

Cookies record information that is then stored on the consumer’s hard drive. Those cookies do not in any way whatsoever contain any confidential data, such as a name or a bank card number, but they do keep in their memory the articles that were selected during previous visits.


By clicking on the “Pay For My Order” button once you reach the end of the ordering process, and then ticking the “I have read and accept the General Terms & Conditions of Sale” box, you are deemed to accept in their entirety the General Terms & Conditions of Sale , fully and unconditionally. All data recorded by the FFR shall act as evidence for all transactions performed by the FFR and its customers.


The tickets are dematerialised, meaning that they come in the shape of an e-ticket which you must download and print on a clean sheet of A4 white paper. To download the e-tickets, got to the “MY ACCOUNT” section and click on the “MY E-TICKETS” tab.


Every e-ticket features a barcode for the access of one single spectator to the event. In the event of loss, theft or duplication of a valid e-ticket, only the first person holding the e-ticket will be admitted to the event, for this person is deemed to be the legitimate e-ticketholder.

The purchaser is solely liable for any use made of his e-ticket(s). An e-ticket is only valid if it is printed in full on white A4 paper, clean back and front, with no modification of the font size, in portrait format (vertical), and using an inkjet or laser printer. No other media format shall be accepted (electronic, PC screen, smartphone screen etc.). E-tickets must show reasonable printing quality. Tickets that are only partly printed, soiled, damaged or illegible shall not be accepted and deemed to be void. In the event of poor printing quality, you must reprint your e-ticket to ensure you have reasonable printing quality. The FFR shall not be liable for any anomalies occurring when you print your e-ticket.

This e-ticket cannot be exchanged, or refunded. It is personal and non-transferable.

This e-ticket is solely valid for the venue, show, seat, date and time shown. This e-ticket is not valid in any other instance.

Holders must keep their e-ticket during the entire time they spend at the venue hosting the event. In the event of loss or theft, the FFR shall not be liable for any illicit use of the e-ticket concerned.


For all events, the purchaser shall provide, PRIOR TO PRINTING THE E-TICKETS, the names, first names and email addresses of every beneficiary.

The purchaser may subsequently modify the beneficiary data as many times as he wishes up to the day of the match. Every time, the e-ticket shall have to be reprinted so it is valid for access to the stadium.


No ticket for a show, whatever its nature, can ever be refunded, even in the event of loss or theft, nor can it be traded in or exchanged, except in the event that the show is cancelled and a decision is made by the organisers to refund the tickets. Furthermore, no ticket may be resold at a higher price than its face value.

In the event that a show is postponed, the tickets shall remain valid and shall not be refunded.

In the event that a show is cancelled, all information relating to ticket refunds shall be available on the organisers’ official website. Only the original purchaser of the tickets shall be refunded the amount for the tickets.

In the event that a match has to be interrupted beyond halfway, this ticket shall not be refunded.

The organisers may be obliged to modify the programmes, the cast or the times of an event. Any such modifications shall not give rise to any exchanges or refunds. The tickets concerned shall not be traded in, exchanged or resold (Act of June 27th, 1919).

Please be advised that team rosters, schedules and match times may be modified at any time. Neither the FFR nor the organisers shall be held liable for any such modifications.

In the event that a show is cancelled or postponed, ticket refunds shall be subject to the terms & conditions of the event organisers.


In accordance with the provisions of article L. 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, any tickets ordered and paid for are not covered by the right of withdrawal.


The computer listings stored in FFR systems shall be safeguarded under reasonable conditions of security and shall be deemed as evidence of all communications, orders and payments that have occurred.


These Terms & Conditions are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, the litigation shall be submitted to the competent French jurisdictions.

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