• 3-match package: 2020 tournament

    Sunday February 2nd, 2020
    Pack 3 matchs : Rugby 2020
    Get your diaries ready as Stade de France will be hosting 3 games in the 2020 Tournament!

    Description: How best to launch the competition by hosting the highly anticipated crunch game between France and England on February 2nd! On February 9th, the French team will continue their journey by playing Italy and the competition will close on March 14th with the game that will pit France against Ireland.

    From €1,999 excl. VAT per person for the 3 games instead of €1,708 excl. VAT per person for 2 games

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  • LE {CLUB} VIP Lounge

    Give your guests a gourmet deal at Stade de France's panoramic restaurant

    Member benefits

    From 2 to up

    • Direct access to the side terrace from the lounge
    • A panoramic view over the arena
    • Gourmet seated meal served by Maison Lenôtre and imagined by Guy Krenzer (winner of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award), or cocktail dinner*
    • A first-category ticket for an intermediate side stand
    • Champagne/wine/spirits/soft drinks at will
    • Activities: photocall, tasting sessions, contests
    • Parking pass for one vehicle
    • Souvenir gifts for each guest

    * depending on the event. Seated meal package, bookings for even numbers only/private tables for four or more people.

    • Easily modify the number of your guests
    • Invite your guests from various profiles

    From: € 1 999 / person
  • Découvrez les loges et les salons VIP du Stade de France

    Private boxes

    Treat your guests and make them feel like home

    Member benefits

    10, 12, 16 or 28 seats.

    • Private outdoor corporate box
    • Gourmet catering: on-going buffet to suit your event
    • Inventive cuisine by Maison Lenôtre designed by Guy Krenzer, Meilleur Ouvrier de France
    • Champagne/wine/spirits/soft drinks at will
    • Car park pass for one vehicle
    • Souvenir gifts for each guest
    • A dedicated service staff for you and your guests
    • Permanent admission to private boxes' bar and official products
    • Le Studio Photo: your guests each receive a collector photo of the event
    • Activities: tasting sessions, contests etc.

    For a 4 or 5-hour period, your guests will make them feel like home. As you welcome them inside a private area suited to paying very close attention to their needs, it will be that much easier to break the ice and to understand the challenges and psychology of your partners, prospective customers and opinion leaders.

    From: € 22 000 / Private boxes
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