Stade de France partners inside the Customer Experience

Thus, Stade de France is becoming a forum of expression for brands, whether it is about image or communication or about staging products and services.

So Become a Stade de France Partner is to get an opportunity to play a long-lasting role in the history of this mythical venue, as well as and above all to become a player in the general public lives, before, during and after the event.


COCA-COLA: Stade de France official partner

logo Coca Cola

As a sports partner for over 80 years, Coca-Cola highlights sports' best values, by bringing to everyone a part of the dream they can reach.

Through this promise: "Share a Coke, Share Happiness at Stade de France", Coca-Cola is expressing its determination to meet its public halfway and to help them experience unique events and moments of happiness in both sports and music.


Verizon Connect: Official supplier of Stade de France

logo verizon connect

By becoming a partner of Stade de France, Verizon Connect has become part of the history of this unique stadium which offers exceptional cultural and sporting events.

Today, No.1 in the world of the fleet geolocalisation, Verizon Connect offers solutions to help companies optimise the activity of their field teams.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles to manage on a daily basis?

Do you want to reduce your costs and save management time?

Reveal has been designed for you. It is an "intelligent" data management tool.


WURTH: Official supplier of Stade de France

logo WURTH

Würth France is a multi-specialist company which provides professionals with services and fastening products, tools and workshop consumables.

Whether it is for screws, rawlplugs, technico-chemical products, door furniture, hardware for construction, tools, machines, automotive parts, storage or stock management systems, Würth offers the right solutions.

3,800 staff offer 30,000 product references to its 250,0000 customers. With 4 sales channels (2,750 salespeople, 118 Proxi shops, a customer service department and an e-shop available 24/7), Würth France generated turnover of €510.8 million in 2016.


LeCab, Official Carrier of Stade de France

logo leCab

LeCab was founded by Benjamin Cardoso in 2012 based on a simple idea: to offer the first standardised service on the private-hire vehicle market. With a fleet of "Made in France” Peugeot 508s, drivers in suits and a set price lower than that of taxis, LeCab has invented a new way to get about in the city.

The service is accessible 24/7 via the website, the LeCab application or by phone.

LeCab is:

  • A guaranteed set price,
  • The possibility of booking in advance for free,
  • A unique experience: quiet car, driver in a suit, unobstructed view, standardised fleet and iPad on board,
  • "Stade de France to Paris" set fares are available


LE PARISIEN: Stade de France media partner

Le Parisien, the Paris region’s largest newspaper is proud to be the media partner of France's largest stadium, a legendary venue that is still in the news with a varied sporting and cultural events programme.

Focusing on local news, Le Parisien has ten regional editions with editorial offices operating in the heart of Ile-de-France and Oise departments. Seven days a week, Le Parisien delivers information, entertainment and provides valuable services to a wide variety of readers.

Editorial coverage offers analysis of cultural and sporting events in a dedicated section with regular features.

Catch up on all the sports news in the "Sports" pages and on the latest music news in the "Entertainment" pages.

Follow the news 7 days a week on:

Le Parisien Press contact :
Marie-Caroline Durand
+33 1 40 10 33 83


L'EQUIPE: Stade de France media partner

L’Équipe is the leading sport information group in France, which brings together 32 million enthusiasts every month.

I read L’Équipe, I consult L’Équipe, I watch L’Équipe.

Through its various media, L’Équipe pursues its main ambition which is to relentlessly nourish all fans of sport. The L’Équipe newspaper, the leading sport information newspaper in France, offers a qualitative and singular treatment of information about sport. The L’Équipe channel, the number 1 free sport channel in France, allows live and complete enjoyment of sporting events such as the Biathlon World Championships, the Tour d'Italia, the World Rally Championship and many other events for judo, rugby, volleyball, football, motorcycling etc.

Finally, the L’Équipe website and the L’Équipe app allow you to be connected to sports news 24 hours a day and to have access to a fun and offbeat look via Snapchat Discover.

L’Équipe is a hundred disciplines followed, more than 10,000 days of reporting, more than 100 trips around the world made to be present at sporting venues around the globe.



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