The two Rugby World Cup quarter-finals at Stade de France


The first quarter-final of Rugby World Cup 2023, set to take place at Stade de France on Saturday October 14th, will mark the start of the knock-out phase.
Only the top two teams, out of the 5 forming each of the 4 pools, will be qualified for these quarter-finals.
This means that, by this stage, only 8 teams will still be in the running.

The quarter-final on Saturday, October 14, 2023 will pit the leading team in Pool B, which includes South Africa, Ireland and Scotland, against the 2nd-place team in Pool A, which includes France, New Zealand and Italy.
The 1st-place team in Pool A will face the 2nd-place team in Pool B in the quarter-final scheduled for the following day, Sunday, October 15th.
Will we see face-offs between nations from the southern hemisphere, matches between two European teams or a north/south stylistic opposition? Will nations not amongst the ‘usual suspects’ at this stage of the competition have caused a stir by qualifying for the quarter-finals?
One thing is for sure: Stade de France will once again revel as one, to the sound of the chanting fans who have come from the four corners of the world to be with their teams: these matches are the only way to secure a berth in the final four.

Each match promises to be uniquely enthralling, bringing together two teams who will give everything they’ve got to avoid an early trip home; the unfailing support of the spectators in the stands will without a doubt be the decisive factor determining which team prevails.
The Stade de France Quarter-Final Pack is a unique opportunity to be part of this immense celebration of rugby that is a Rugby World Cup. From the heart of Stade de France, feast your eyes on exceptional battles between the greatest rugby nations and give your guests the opportunity to say: “I was there!”

RUGBY WORLD CUP MATCHES INCLUDED IN THE Pack 2 matches 1/4 de finale Stade de France

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