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Tuesday 18 August 2020

4 tips to ensure a successful corporate night out

A theme party, a gala dinner, a dance party, a cocktail buffet and so on. A huge selection to choose from for your corporate night out! Before you decide, follow our 4 tips to ensure that your corporate night out is a success, whatever you choose!

To celebrate a company anniversary or new year wishes or to mark the end of a seminar or a convention, the night out will make it especially memorable: a friendly atmosphere, ideal for talking to managers and colleagues in a relaxed way off the premises.
A corporate night out is not simply a pretext for a drink between colleagues or for enjoying a nice dinner, but strengthens cohesion and the feeling of belonging to a company; it also meets strategic objectives such as embodying values, thanking teams or communicating a message to all of the staff. A corporate night out is therefore the occasion for an enjoyable time, but especially an event of some significance. In order to ensure its success, there are 4 essential points you first need to identify: the place, the theme, the entertainments and the organisation.

A place which reflects your image and which suits your event

Whether it will be in the Paris region or in other large cities, the choice of the place for your night out is significant. What will guide your decision will be the location, the capacity of the room in relation to the number of guests, how well the various spaces can adapt to the configuration of your event, the quality of the related services and, of course, your budget.
As well as meeting these criteria, the place hosting your corporate night out must reflect your image and your values. Choosing a museum will highlight your avant-garde or creative side, whereas a stadium will reflect team spirit and performance values.

A theme which serves your objectives

For a unique and novel corporate night out , choose a concept consistent with your seminar, if this is the case, your business or your values. It will be underlined in the format, the decoration, the entertainments, the food and drink and so on.
And remember: even this festive occasion must be in line with the objectives of your professional event and with your overall strategy.

Entertainments which are in line with your guests

We have noted that the theme must match your values; the same is true for the entertainments and the profile of the participants! To avoid any wrong notes and guarantee a positive atmosphere for the night out, it is important strike the right balance for participation in a way which encourages exchanges without forcing the guests’ hands. Here are a few ideas: a DJ or live music sessions, a digital magician, an original photo terminal to make XXL souvenirs, a flipbook which comes to life when the pages are flipped, a giant table football game, a selfie terminal, a karaoke box hidden from view, etc.

Flawless organisation

To decide on these three essential points, it advisable to be assisted by an events specialist. They will guarantee you flawless organisation of your event: our final and best tip to ensure your night out is a success.
Some people need to be supported before, during and after the evening itself whereas others have a very precise idea of what they want to organise. Choose the solution that suits you best: A turnkey or tailor-made night out!

With over 20 years’ experience in organising large events, professionalism shines through the services offered by the Stade de France. It offers the same expertise for your corporate night out as for large public events. A mythical and easily accessible place, adaptable spaces, high-end caterers, qualified hostesses, original and varied entertainments, a technical and logistical offering… in fact all the ingredients you need for a successful night out!

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