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Thursday 20 December 2018

Organising a company seminar… Yes, but for what purpose?

Participating in a company seminar is not only an excuse for having a few drinks with your colleagues and having a few nibbles in an environment away from the daily activities of your office… these events have much more important stakes than that. Whether they are initiated by General Management, Human Resources or other departments/teams, the objectives of a seminar may vary:

Exchange, share and unite around a vision

Internally, a strategic seminar is often an eagerly anticipated time. In fact, it lets you connect with the vision of the company, to take stock or to discover the roadmap to be followed. Beyond delivering these messages, this is a unique opportunity to bring together teams in a special environment, get an overview and provide the right impetus.
This seminar also has the objective of causing spontaneous exchanges following announcements. Whatever the reactions, management can release the brakes immediately and embody its messages so that employees take ownership of them.
Stade de France provides added value to these strategic objectives by its unique environment and the major events that are associated with it. The place chosen certainly has its importance; it must be conducive to dialogue and create links. Guests must feel privileged to be here and to attend this event.

Motivate, reward and engage a team

A seminar for cohesion, incentivisation or team building is a must for any company wishing to take care of its employees. Beyond promoting their well-being, it responds to specific objectives such as strengthening team spirit or promoting dialogue between employees, transmitting the culture of the business or to inspire, stimulate the motivation and reward a team, take joint decisions or define issues… Always working for messages of substance.
Whether they are original, playful or informative, the activities proposed must serve these different objectives. An expert in corporate events since 1998, Stade de France offers unforgettable memories to its guests. More than being a mythical place, Stade de France has developed a choice of activities that are stimulating and motivating for all: Discover the activities on offer for your corporate events

Integrate, train and develop employees

The HR seminar responds to different objectives in the course of the life of employees in their business. When they arrive, their integration can be accelerated through a seminar.
Throughout their careers, they will take part in training seminars. These have the objective of improving the performance of employees by training them in new skills, working methods or more generally on interpersonal skills and know-how. Seminars can also be organised to better manage their careers or prepare for a change, for example.
During these events, it is important to have working rooms for small groups and attractive reception areas. Stade de France offers multiple and modular reception areas so that the employees invited to these HR seminars feel comfortable and valued.

The corporate seminar is a privileged moment in an extra professional environment to, first and foremost, create and foster interpersonal relationships for the benefit of the company.
Beyond the objectives it seeks to achieve, the success of a seminar depends on three criteria: the choice of the location, the activities and the smooth running of the event. Three advantages that Stade de France offers by providing your event with a place full of history, a catalogue of rich activities and a dedicated and effective team which will support you from the creation to the realisation of your seminar. In total, an offer working for companies.

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