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Tuesday 25 February 2020

Team building in Paris: what activity should you choose for your event?

Offering your employees a team building activity is the guarantee of spending a moment where guests are honoured by becoming actors in the event. Whether the activities are cultural, sporting or creative, they must convey values close to those of your business. It is also an excellent way of developing soft skills with your employees which are attracting growing interest from all businesses.
Strengthening the cohesion of your teams, encouraging your employees to surpass themselves, unleashing their creativity, testing their ability to adapt or even making them aware of a cause [solidarity, ecological…], team building meets responds to many of the challenges for businesses in search of fun and unifying activities in Paris. Here, we will show you a few ideas that reflect the major values of companies.


When a company organises team building, it often has a prime objective of improving or strengthening the internal cohesion of the team taking part in it. For example, in a treasure hunt, making a team think about solving a mystery with riddles plays on collective intelligence. An Escape Game also encourages exchanges between colleagues and fosters the team spirit that is so dear to all organisations. It stimulates the group dynamic by combining mutual support and patience, logic and reflection, but also communication and observation.


Some team building activities contribute more to personal development and encourage employees to surpass themselves or work on performance. For example, Stade de France offers your guests an unusual activity: discovering its mythical pitch from a new angle thanks to a zip wire that is even accessible to people with reduced mobility. Thrills and chills guaranteed for an exclusive team building event in Paris!


Stimulating audacity or creativity is an excellent lever to activate when the company wants to work on the ownership of its values, its vision or its new strategic plan. Creating collective work together by assembling bricks, with all of it accompanied by a tagger, or using LEGO to release creativity, are excellent ways to make your teams work in an original way.


The team building offer in Paris builds momentum on new technologies. Some service providers offer interactive rallies guided by tactile tablets or ball games against a screen. The goal: to aim at the bright moving targets! These innovations ask a certain dexterity of employees, as well as concentration and the ability to adapt… with the desire of achieving your objective!


Today, many companies are putting CSR [corporate social responsibility] issues at the heart of their strategies. Several organisations offer fun activities which go in this direction for original but responsible team building in Paris. The Premiers de cordée association educates businesses about disability. Unis-Cité Solidarité Entreprises, another association, is specialised in mobilising companies in solidarity activities by bringing together this search for meaning and the needs of organisations. Useful team building to unite your teams.

Defining the objectives of your team building is a key first step in organising this activity. Once they have been established, choose from among the activities mentioned in this article: most of them are available at Stade de France! For other new ideas, download our activity catalogue.

Professionals in corporate events in Paris since 1998, we support you in organising and running your team building project in Paris from start to finish. At Stade de France, your company seminars take place in an exceptional environment where work and relaxation blend harmoniously to let your employees live an experience that creates unique links and is meaningful.

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