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1 - Please describe your event - Objectives, format, audience etc. 

In September, we held an internal event bringing together employees from all our subsidiaries. On that occasion, 200 people attended and they greatly enjoyed the Elyseum lounge and its terrace. 

2 - Why did you choose Stade de France? 

The event was also meant to feature an awards ceremony for her game contest held during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So we felt like having a sports theme reminiscent of football… and what could be better than Stade de France to reward those who took part in the game?!

3 – What were the top moments in your event at Stade de France? 

The internal meeting and the awards ceremony were widely watched and appreciated thanks to the many monitoring screens displayed around the room. The wine-tasting session that was organised with an on-going buffet was a great success, and many of the participants made sure to immortalize their presence at the stadium by taking photos from the terrace during the whole evening.

4 – What are the strong points of the services provided by the Stadium? (customer relations and follow-up, organisation, gastronomy, comfort etc.) 

In addition to its stunning view over the stadium, the room features all of the technical facilities required, helping the evening to run smoothly and the guests to feel comfortable.

5 – You were lucky enough to be one of the first who used our refurbished Elyseum lounge; what are its main advantages? What are its flaws?

The lounge is split into several small spaces that are linked together. This greatly facilitates the interaction between guests during an evening or cocktail party, and the venue retains its friendly aspect even as it provides a very large reception area.
All of the guests were very impressed by the view over the stadium.

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