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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Renting a meeting room in Paris. How can you choose?

Looking for the ideal meeting room in Paris is often tedious and time consuming. How can you deal with this diverse offer to find THE suitable place for your event? In order to simplify your search, we have established criteria to follow to find the rental that suits you!

Are you organising a professional meeting in Paris in the near future? Are you hesitating between a traditional business centre or more unusual proposals, such as a loft, a coworking space or a stadium? You don’t know what to do faced with the multitude of offers on the market? No worries, we’ll guide you! For us, the ideal meeting room in Paris is first of all one which ticks all the boxes in your specifications, a space that is equipped according to your needs and finally, one that saves you time in your organisation.

Conceived, adapted and optimised for your meeting


Before rushing onto Google and typing "meeting room rental in Paris", we strongly advise you to write your specifications. The best meeting room is, above all, the room which matches your event’s dimensions. The number of guests is obviously the first element to define, then comes the location of the desired space. If your head office is in Paris, choosing a room in the heart of the Paris region will make travelling easier for your employees. For customers, the ideally located place will be easy to access via public transport or in a car.

Then, you have to define the budget. A unique space at the George V, very close to the Champs Élysées, will not be as affordable as a private meeting room in shared offices in La Défense.


Once these criteria have been established, determine the objectives of your meeting. If agility is one of them, a start-up incubator will be relevant. For a friendly spirit, as if you were at home, a loft is an option. For performance and team spirit, a sports stadium is very evocative. Even the place itself gives meaning to your meetings, think about it!

Equipped according to your needs

With the brief to find an appropriate room created, contact meeting places in Paris to make sure that the rental offer and the availability are right. From the equipment to the catering, it is important to ask yourself the question about associated services. Does the room have parking nearby? What’s planned for the coffee break? What technical equipment is included?

Finally, if you go on a scouting mission, check the communication media to ensure optimum viewing conditions for your guests. Test the Internet connection if interactivity is involved in your seminar/conference or check the location’s air conditioning.

Accompanied by services and logistical support to help you

Have you found exactly the ideal place? Before your booking, determine the level of support. Does the business contact match your expectations? Will you be supported by a designated contact person? A good meeting room rental in Paris is also the one which is booked with ease and confidence. Choosing a professional partner who is present in the support means opting for peace of mind when organising a meeting or training away from the workplace: it’s precious!
Beyond logistically matching your specifications, your meeting’s location also represents values for your participants. The choice of the decor and the atmosphere plays a role in the success of your event. Choosing Stade de France means ensuring flawless logistics, customised support, unique know-how and also an unforgettable moment for your guests. Stade de France is a vector of emotions alone by the history that it bears. Are you looking to rent a traditional meeting room or something more unusual? Please contact our sales and marketing department.

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