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Customer Loyalty
Tuesday 16 March 2021

Relationship programme: form a unique bond with your targets!

For the past few years, marketing has become focused on customers with a more emotional strategy focused on their expectations. Companies today need to keep up a unique and lasting relationship with their targets and consistently anticipate their new needs in order to offer them just the right product or service. This is why many of them carry out – and rightly so – relationship marketing campaigns, an essential tool in achieving those aims

Broader in scope than a loyalty-building strategy this programme offers you targeted communication covering each step of the customer relations pathway: from your prospects to your ambassadors, we take you through the options.

A Relationship programme to win over your prospects

To develop your customer base, a relationship marketing programme is a very powerful tool! To get started, establish a knowledge-based connection with your target, thanks to relevant data. The aim being to get to know your active (in action) prospects better, from their consumer habits to their areas of interest, in order to offer them ultra-personalised communication. This database , essential to relationship marketing is a key starting point for transforming a click into an actual purchase , by offering content that goes straight to your future consumer’s heart
Look at the giveaway contest campaigns on Instagram. Through a simple action and a few relayed hashtags, contests of this kind create or build ties with your community and will convert some of them into customers! Other tools such as chatbots, social media advertising or SMS campaigns work well with this active prospect population, which – as you have gathered – will have dropped a few details about its behaviour to you in passing!

A Relationship programme to secure your clients’ loyalty

Too many companies neglect their existing customers. Especially considering that 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of a company’s turnover (Pareto's law), there should be no hesitation about capitalising on this capital! So how is this loyalty built? By creating an atmosphere of trust, based on empathy, an open ear, and exclusive benefits (private afterwork drinks, like those offered by the Sézane brand) to keep up a relationship bond that is formed over time. Read our article about thetop 5 most effective loyalty-building tools in which we discuss Social Selling : the must-have digital component in any Relationship programme today, built around offers that respond specifically to each customer’s needs, to hit the bull’s eye every time!

A Relationship programme to gain value from your ambassadors

Did you know? 83% of satisfied customers would be ready to recommend your company to others. Customers that trust, are satisfied with their experience and feel heard by their brand, will naturally want to recommend it: this is what we call the ambassador relationship!
Trust builds when customers are treated like full-fledged partners: give them a voice, show them their feedback is valuable by taking their comments on board and, above all, offer them the best customer experience possible by rewarding them for their commitment (VIP invitations, fan community activation with special benefits, etc.). You will see that Relationship marketing programmes are a win-win proposition!

To sum up, setting up a relationship programme is investing in your customer, whether still at the prospect stage, already active or even an ambassador. It is a process that unfolds over the long-term and calls for respect, an open ear and reciprocal trust. It is the vital condition for any successful relationship programme! One of the many tools available to you to create this unique bond is public relations an effective option thanks to the quality of the direct and personal contact they offer. Stade de France, a paramount player in Hospitality Programmes, offers you its White Paper “Customers, Your Ambassadors” in which you will find out about the different levels of relationship marketing we have described here.

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