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Rugby World Cup France 2023
Wednesday 2 February 2022

Rugby matches viewed from a VIP box: why Stade de France highly recommends you attend the Rugby World Cup France 2023 with your clients!

A planetary event, 80,000 fans rising to their feet as one, 30 of the world’s finest sportsmen on the central pitch... And you, at the heart of the Official Hospitality spaces at Stade de France for the Rugby World Cup France 2023, ready to follow every breathtaking sequence from your VIP box, with your clients at your side, enjoying prime conditions. This international tournament taking place in France will, no doubt about it, be the must-see event of 2023.

In addition to experiencing a unique moment in sports, you will enjoy the chance to talk about your company through the values embodied by rugby, and build your customers’ loyalty with each new match. Taking in a Rugby World Cup France 2023 match from a VIP box with your business partners: a dream occasion for your public relations -- read on in this article to find out why.

To reach a broader target audience, around the values that make rugby

In 1823, William Webb Ellis, started playing quite an oddball sport at his school: the “Rugby School”. 200 years down the line, all the great rugby nations dream of raising the World Cup that bears his name high over head.
Some of the top contenders include New Zealand, South Africa (current reigning champions), England, Ireland and, of course, France.

With more than 1,600 clubs and around 195,000 card-carrying members in the French Rugby Federation, this sport has become one of the major sports in France, enjoying a reach and image every bit as enviable as those of football, tennis or even basketball.
What’s more, rugby stands out from any other sport for the positive image it conveys.

To wit, the French team and its head coach Fabien Galthié enjoy a positive image with 83% of the French people (Odoxa poll, March 2021), with values such as team spirit, respect, solidarity, satisfaction from hard work, fearlessness and performance, all in an inviting and friendly atmosphere. With Rugby World Cup France 2023, you will enjoy the certainty of inviting your business partners to an appealing event and connecting your brand image with meaningful values.

To develop your public relations and enthuse in an event alongside your clients

We’ve said it once, and we'll say it again: 2023 offers you a unique opportunity to develop your business relations through public relations operations. By inviting your clients, prospects, employees and partners to experience the Rugby World Cup from the inside, in the hushed and secluded setting VIP box, you are sure to make an impression and achieve the targets you have set for yourself.

All the more so as the World Cup line-up at Stade de France is simply tantalising. With a much-awaited opening match between New Zealand and France, the Pool B head-ups, the two Quarter-Finals, the two Semi-Finals, the Bronze Final and the Final: no less than 10 matches will be taking place at Stade de France. From match to match, you will thrill alongside your guests, building strong bonds and unforgettable memories in each of the VIP spaces.

By sharing the festive times and powerful emotions which only a Rugby World Cup can offer, you will offer your business partners one of the most exclusive experiences of the sporting decade.

To share an unforgettable experience in the boxes at Stade de France

In order to make this Rugby World Cup France 2023 accessible to all company profiles, an Official Hospitalities Catalogue has been put together so that you can design your public relations operation based on your targets, your objectives and your budget.

The most premium experience is the SKYBOX offer : located in the boxes of Stade de France, you will enjoy a VIP area ideally positioned between the lower and middle stands to be in the thick of the game. Each box comes with its own private stand to facilitate discussion with your guests. For a full 5 hours*, you will share with your guests a top-of-the-line buffet, with continuous service by a dedicated maitre d’. From the moment you enter Stade de France to your arrival at your seat in the private stands, everything will be taken care of, so that your only concern is to build strong ties with your business contacts.

The SKYBOX offer at Rugby World Cup France 2023 includes a private box with 12, 16 or 28 seats, or a VIP space shared with other companies. In the latter case, with the SHARED SKYBOX option you will enjoy the ultimate VIP experience with a small group of guests (between 2 and 8 people), without having to stretch your budget.

Would you like more information about the VIP lounge and box offers? Our team of experts is at your disposal to introduce to you the range of Official Hospitality services at Rugby World Cup France 2023 and give you personalised advice on the option best suited to your objectives.

* subject to change by the organiser

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