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Wednesday 3 April 2019

Don’t look for your seminar room in Paris any longer… Stade de France is here!

Stade de France is the stadium for all French people! Whether they are keen supporters of the French team, a fan of Johnny Hallyday or Muse, every French person has a unique history with Stade de France. For 20 years now, it has been the scene of the biggest international events.
This article will show that this exceptional venue is also used by all companies wishing to find the seminar room in Paris that will make a difference to their event.

More than a seminar room… a legendary stadium in Paris!

More than a meeting, the corporate seminar is first and foremost a highlight in the life of a company: it consists of bringing together all or part of its players for working sessions and discussions. Employees are invited, based on a common objective, to share a moment together away from their normal working environment in a unique atmosphere to break free from the everyday. Organising a seminar in Paris in a place like Stade de France is the guarantee of giving guests an unforgettable event!
What the French know less is that this stadium has 24 modular reception areas, occupied by VIPs or officials during major events and by corporate events for the rest of the time. Study days, seminars, conventions, team building events, business evenings… all formats (from 10 to 1,500 people) find their home within the stadium.

More than just team building... atypical activities!

In addition to a seminar room in Paris that meets all the essential criteria of price and capacity... organisers often look for events associated with a turnkey service and fun activities to surprise and motivate guests. Emotion, feeling and motivation are the watchwords that guided Stade de France in the development of its entertainment offer. More than just team building, it creates unforgettable memories for participants. At Stade de France, you can experience what it’s like to be suspended thanks to a zipline overlooking the pitch, reconnect with your emotions by visiting the behind-the-scenes areas or immerse yourself in virtual reality.

Séminaire KFC au restaurant Le {Club} pendant un match au Stade de France

More than just a moment for exchanging... shared emotions!

Beyond the setting in which guests are immersed throughout the seminar, it is a successful meeting that will make the difference. The space showcases the event, but it is not enough on its own to create engagement, conviviality and sharing. So how do we create this interaction? At Stade de France, exchanges are natural around the emotion generated by the arena and the memories rekindled by this place. It is an exceptional space imbued with the aura of major events that took place there and which reflects team spirit, sharing, shared culture and excellence. Inspiring values for any company!

With more than 120 corporate events organised in 2017, the life of Stade de France is not limited to major sporting and musical events. Customer testimonials reflect the assets of this mythical arena in organising your event.

For Yves Sassi, President of the CLUB DE LA FRANCHISE, “There is a real know-how here”, for Karina Ben Mokhtar, assistant to the Finance Director of VENTE PRIVEE, “Everyone left with stars in their eyes” or for Aurélie Bidault, manager of the QTSE hub of SNCF ITIF, “The Stade de France team was at our disposal at each stage”.

If you too want to discover this place and plan to organise your event there, please do not hesitate to organise your visit to the events areas of Stade de France.

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