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Customer Loyalty
Thursday 5 November 2020

The customer loyalty guide: definition, strengths and tools

The customer loyalty strategy consists of carrying out actions in a way that consumers repeat their purchases and remain loyal to the brand. It therefore involves acting, inciting and influencing their behaviours via a targeted marketing strategy. This approach begins when contact is first made and continues throughout the customer relationship. It is therefore a long-term action that aims to convert their desires into purchases and avoid them going over to the competition.

What are the strengths of a customer loyalty strategy?

Creating a long-lasting and loyal relationship with your customers has many advantages for your business. Three arguments, to show you, if it were necessary, that customer loyalty is essential!

- Driving customer loyalty is less expensive than acquiring them

Lots of businesses and marketing teams focus their efforts on a strategy to acquire new consumers. As we know that making a customer loyal is five times less expensive than acquiring a new one, you must concentrate your efforts on the more loyal and less onerous existing customer.

- Driving loyalty acts on your growth

From a purely economic point of view, loyalty has a positive impact on the business’ profitability and therefore its turnover. Did you know that the average basket of an existing customer is 15 to 25% bigger than that of a new customer?

- Driving loyalty incites natural recommendation

Today, we cannot deny the impact of social networks on brand recommendation. Word-of-mouth and recommendation are things you should include. A loyal customer will have a natural tendency to become an ambassador for your brand, if your image is in line with their expectations. In this way, they will recruit new customers for your business, without you having to make any effort in particular. Remember that a customer acquired by recommendation is 16% more loyal than a customer acquired by other methods.

What tools should you adopt to make your customers loyal?

The actions to be taken depend on your objectives, your products and your customer relationships. They should therefore be customised according to your own identity, and that, depending on the strategy put in place. To inspire you, here are some actions you can take to improve the loyalty of your customers:

- The loyalty programme: the unmissable classic

Propose specific benefits and offers to your loyal customers. Invitation to events, dedicated content, private sales, etc. Be creative and thank them! All of these actions help to highlight your brand and therefore to make your already acquired customers loyal.

- Data collection: to know your customers better

With better knowledge of your customers, their habits and their needs, you are customising and adapting your customer loyalty tools. Thanks to your CRM database, your actions are better targeted for a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

- Hospitality programmes: a singular and noteworthy action

A loyal customer is a strength for the business, so show them! To do that, a Hospitality Programme is a good option for maintaining a special relationship and also for transforming your loyal customers into ambassadors. In Stade de France’s white paper, “The customer, your ambassador”, you will find our advice for forming a relationship of trust with your customers.

Discover our TOP 5 of the best customer loyalty tools!

Don’t forget that what makes the difference in customer loyalty is the customisation of the relationship. To thank your loyal customers, what’s better than inviting them to attend a cultural or sporting event in the best possible conditions in a mythical location such as Stade de France? Our experts can advise you on your customer loyalty strategy, don’t hesitate!

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