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The pressure of the match, behind the scenes!

90 minutes before the kick off of the French Cup Final, the best hand-picked supporters start to fill the stands.

Today’s match promises to be sensational: two neighbouring rival clubs will be competing for the Cup in an extremely emotional atmosphere at Stade de France.

During this time, behind the scenes, the final preparations are underway. The press is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the players, the officials get focused, with one eye riveted on the clock, isolated from the rest of the agitation. In the players’ changing rooms, everything is ready to accommodate the teams in the best conditions.

Today, you are the hero of the match: you having been waiting years for this. But on arriving at the stadium, your coach is panic-stricken: everything seems to be conspiring to stop you from playing in the derby of the decade!

Whatever the cost, you will need to foil the traps set by your opponents and reach the edge of the pitch in time before being disqualified! You will not be alone: your coach will be there to lead your team behind the scenes at Stade de France, all united in the same objective: to play in the game of the year.

In the face of adversity, you will have to demonstrate your skills of observation and team spirit to achieve your ends.

In a journey retracing the major stages from the arrival of a team until taking the field, refresh your team spirit and discover what happens behind the scenes before a match while solving riddles and overcoming the challenges set by your opponents..

Alone or in a team, it’s your move!.

Don’t forget your smartphone with a camera, which will be essential to you for getting to the end of the course.

Visit dates: Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Time: 2:50 PM

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