French Cup

Previous French cup final at Stade de France

April 2019French cup final 2019

Will Paris Saint-Germain manage to retain their title in the face of Stade Rennais in the French Cup Final? We’ll find out at Stade de France on Saturday, April 27th 2019!

May 2018French cup final 2018

This final will be the 21st one played at Stade de France. The only competition that mixes amateur clubs and professional clubs, the French Cup sometimes has unexpected finals! Will Paris Saint-Germain, who have the largest number of wins (11) and won the last 3 finals, manage to win their 4th consecutive final?

May 2017French cup final 2017

With back-to-back wins after its successes against Olympique de Marseille in 2016 and AJ Auxerre in 2015, Paris Saint-Germain will be the team to beat in this year's Cup.

French Cup

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Every year, there is a major competitive event pitting football clubs from all over France against each other. The President of the Republic and many French public figures attend. The pinnacle of the French Cup is, of course, the final at Stade de France.

Presentation of the French Cup

The French Cup is a knock-out competition open to amateur and professional clubs. It is this mix that makes it a very popular competition, because it gives the public the opportunity to see teams with very different budgets play each other. The supporters of a local team can admire their players in front of players with a European reputation and who play for major international clubs.

The choice of matches is made by a complete draw. In the case of too large a gap between the divisions that the two teams chosen play in, the draw is reversed, which promises many surprises each year. Stade de France, with its 80,000 seats and its unique infrastructure in France, is the backdrop for the final of this historic football competition, which brings together all of France's fervent supporters of popular football that is close to its origins. The atmosphere there is unique, and we invite you to participate in this festival of the round ball!

The final takes place in Stade de France

This competition has existed since 1917. Since 1998, the final has taken place in Stade de France. The success of this competition is such (many clubs want to participate) that there are up to eight preliminary rounds before the last 32 (the start of the competition). Preliminary rounds are sometimes played before the final of the previous year! Olympique de Marseille is the team that has won the most finals, with a total of 10 victories.

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