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Stade de France seating

The Stadium can host up to 80,000 spectators for a football or rugby match, and over 90,000 for a show. The categories and prices offered will vary according to the kind of event: football, rugby, athletics, shows, etc.

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Stade de France also provides VIP seats. Those seats, at your disposal for some events, are located in the middle tier. They allow you to enjoy a warm and privileged welcome, a high-end catering and the best seating.

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Follow in the footsteps of your heroes and succumb to the magic of a place still ringing with emotion. Follow the official Stade de France tour guide and discover the behind-the-scenes of France's biggest sportive and music venue. During a one-hour tour, follow the route taken by the the greatest athletes, wander through the changing rooms and stroll alongside the pitch. As soons as you enter the arena, close your eyes, feel and revive the emotion and atmosphere of the rugby and football matches as if you were there! The tour is conducted by an official Stade de France® tour guide. Given that the stadium is in the business of hosting events, the tour itinerary may vary according to the various security arrangements made when preparing certain events.

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