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Tuesday 19 May 2020

Event Day: hold your seminar at Stade de France on the day of an event.

Company seminars are strategic management tools that serve human relations. They offer many benefits: recharging participants’ batteries in a different setting, boosting participant motivation, providing a stage for open, transparent communication about your company, supporting and valuing your employees, etc.
Today, seminars are adapting to address the new strategic needs of the companies holding them. Depending on their objectives, some will be looking for an unparalleled venue, others for team-building activities, and still others, a different experience that will leave a lasting impression.
In this article, you will find out about some of the new trends in seminar planning, including Event Day at Stade de France.

Hold a seminar that reflects the your company’s identity

Companies are transforming, changing – and want to develop their corporate events in that dynamic!

Currently, the trend is towards more informal seminars in search of meaning, in less “traditional” locales, so as to unlock participants’ creativity, create synergies and develop the teams’ agility. Some third-venues or co-working spaces have become highly-coveted in this respect. They echo companies’ new head offices: more flexible and less anchored.
As to team-building activities, they remain a high point of the event. In addition to being fun, it is important that they reflect the host company's DNA. We have put together an article on the topic, to help you find the perfect activity for your next team building experience.
When it comes to new meeting formats, the organisers of company seminars are looking to shake up employees long-engrained practices. For example, walking meetings around the pitch of a Stadium or in a forest have caught on with many brands. They boost creativity, and foster communication and well-being in your teams. Apple and Facebook are just two examples of companies that have opted for this original alternative to traditional meeting rooms!

The offer is developing, and some event locations now offer products that go beyond just the basic seminar; this is the case with Stade de France.

Hold your seminars at Stade de France

At Stade de France, your one-day company seminars take place in an exceptional setting, where work and relaxation blend harmoniously into one, to give your employees a meaningful, unforgettable experience that builds unique bonds.

In addition to the exclusive environment offered, Stade de France goes further with Event Day, which promises an efficient work dynamic and powerful emotions in the same day. What’s it all about? Event Day is a new seminar format with a unique all-in-one offer. Picture a full-day event dedicated to training or informing your teams, in comfortable meeting rooms, equipped with all the latest technologies, which then segues into a VIP evening with cocktail dinner by Lenôtre and a sporting event or concert, to be enjoyed from the VIP seats of the panoramic restaurant.
Just ask the teams from KFC Corporate. Looking to offer a full-day training session that would also be inviting and memorable for its franchisees, the Company chose Stade de France’s Event Day experience. A good call, with the package offer that facilitates organisation upstream and makes for an unforgettable time on the big day, one that will remain etched in the minds of all participants.

Event Day is a perfect example, responding to companies’ strategic needs, while also resonating with their values: a full-fledged work session in a warm environment, to serve team spirit.

Would you like to find out more about how these all-in-one seminars work, and lay out a budget? Contact the professionals at Stade de France who will answer your questions and help you plan your company seminar, a unique event, tailored to your requirements!

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