1 - Processing responsibility

Personal data is collected by:

The CONSORTIUM STADE DE FRANCE Company, a limited company with capital of €29,727,558, whose headquarters is located at ZAC du Cornillon Nord - 93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine, registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under number 399 452 564

2 - Objectives of the processing for which the data is intended

The treatment of the personal data that you are, notably, likely to communicate to us via the website, the mobile website and mobile applications, or when you have contact with Stade de France, may have all or part of the following objectives:

  • carrying out operations relating to the management of your contracts; orders; deliveries; invoices; accounting and in particular the management of your customer account; your loyalty programme within an entity or several legal entities; for conducting customer satisfaction surveys and the management of claims and the after-sales department.
  • carrying out operations relating to prospecting
    • the management of technical prospecting operations (which includes, notably, technical operations such as standardisation, enrichment and deduplication);
    • the selection of persons to perform customer loyalty, prospecting, survey and promotional actions.
    • the achievement of solicitation operations;
  • producing commercial statistics;
  • the transfer, rental, exchange or enrichment of its customer files and its prospect files;
  • the organisation of competitions, lotteries or any promotional operation,
  • the management of requests for right of access, rectification and opposition;
  • the management of outstanding payments and of litigation

3 - Recipients of the data

The personal data that you are likely to communicate to us via the website, the mobile website and the mobile applications, or when you have contact with Stade de France, may be transmitted, within the limits of their respective powers:

  • to the staff of Stade de France, including the authorised staff of the Marketing Department, the Sales Department, the departments responsible for dealing with customer relations and prospecting, administrative departments, logistics and computing departments,
  • to the organisers of events at Stade de France
  • to Stade de France’s commercial partners,
  • to the company Vinci Autoroutes,
  • to its service providers,

The Consortium requests that its service providers put in place strict measures of confidentiality and protection of this data.

4 - Data concerned

We collect and process the following data

  • identity: title, surname, first names, address, telephone number (fixed and/or mobile), email addresses, date of birth, password, IP address, a copy of an identity document can be retained for the purposes of evidence of the exercise of a right of access, rectification or of opposition or to respond to a legal obligation;
  • navigation data: data connection, order history, preferences and centres of interest, products consulted, incidents, claims.
  • data relating to means of payment: statement of banking identity, cheque number, bank card number, the end date of the bank card’s validity, visual cryptogram;
  • data relating to transactions: such as the number of the transaction, the details of the purchase, of the good or the service subscribed to;
  • data relating to the monitoring of the commercial relationship:requests for information, product purchased, service subscribed to, quantity, amount, frequency, delivery address, history of purchases and service provision, product returns, customer correspondence, exchanges and comments from customers and prospects, and person(s) in charge of the customer relationship;
  • data required to perform customer loyalty, prospecting, survey, study and promotional actions.
  • data relating to the organisation and running of competition, lotteries and any promotional operation such as the date of participation, competition entries and the nature of the lots offered;
  • geolocation data: the Stade de France application integrates a geolocation function which lets us send you (via SMS, push notification, or email) information and customised commercial offers according to the place where you find yourself and your customer profile. You can disable access to your location data in the settings of your mobile phone by referring to the technical documentation for your device.

You are informed of the compulsory or optional nature of data during its collection by an asterisk. Certain data is collected automatically due to your actions on the site, mobile website and mobile applications.

5 - Storage duration

The personal data that we collect from our customers may not be kept beyond the time strictly necessary for the management of the commercial relationship.

In addition, customer data used for commercial prospecting is retained for a period of three years from the end of the commercial relationship.

Furthermore, personal data relating to a non-customer prospect is kept for a period of three years from the date of the last contact from the prospect.

6 - Social networks

If you use the features related to social media on our website, and taking into account the sharing of data that this implies, the providers of these social media will be able to send us information, depending on their respective privacy policies. This information may include your name, the photo of your profile, your gender, your lists of friends and any other information that you have chosen to make public during your registration. You can change your corresponding privacy settings and preferences on the websites of the said social networks if you want to interrupt this sharing of data.

6.1 Facebook Connect/Google Connect

The Facebook Connect/Google Connect function allows you to connect to the "My Account" area with your Facebook account/Google account and discover what your friends have published on the web. When you connect to the website of Stade de France with your Facebook account/Google account, Stade de France can access certain information that you have entered on Facebook/Google to offer you a personalised and social experience. Additional information to that already present in your Facebook/Google account can be requested by Stade de France for the needs of the management of your orders and our commercial relationship. This additional information is not transmitted to Facebook/Google without your express permission.

6.2 Use of buttons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

On the Stade de France website, we offer you sharing buttons on the following social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Linkedin

These buttons allow you to recommend to other Internet users selected content from web pages by the intermediary of a social network, to insert them in your profile on the social network or to attract attention to them.

These recommendation buttons are made available by the social network in order to integrate them into other web pages. Due to their integration on our web pages, a connection to the servers of the social network is established via the cookies stored on your computer. If you are connected to your profile on one of the social networks mentioned while you visit our website, the social network collects and possibly processes complementary data on your visit to our web pages. If you do not want this, we recommend that you disconnect from the social network before visiting our site.

We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to understand the purposes of use, including advertising and navigation information that they can gather thanks to these application buttons.

7 - Alerts

We propose to send you all Stade de France’s news by email: the calendar of events, alerts for tickets going on sale, innovations and exclusives…

Signing up for alerts is done by clicking on the "Receive alerts" button. We measure the rate of opening of our emails in order to best tailor them to suit your needs. If you no longer wish to receive offers and information from us, you can manage alerts and stop receiving them:

  • by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of each email relating to alerts
  • or, on the Mobile application, by disabling your alerts directly in the "My Alerts” section.

8 - Newsletter

In order to keep you informed of our news, you can subscribe to the Stade de France newsletter.

Once subscribed to the newsletter you will be likely to receive information on Stade de France’s news and on products similar to those that you have already ordered or consulted on the Stade de France website. We measure the rate of opening of our emails in order to best tailor them to suit your needs.

If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the corresponding link in each newsletter.

Depending on the choice made during the creation or consultation of your account, you will therefore be likely to receive offers from companies and brands which receive data (article 3) and notably:

  • organisers of events at Stade de France,
  • Stade de France’s commercial partners,
  • companies from the Vinci Concessions Division,

9 - Mobile Application - Push

By authorising Stade de France’s mobile application to send you notifications, you will be able to receive commercial offers and information related to profile or your navigation of the mobile application. The "Push" function of your application has the sole purpose of sending information and commercial offers customised by Stade de France. You can choose to no longer receive notifications, by going to the settings options in Stade de France’s mobile application.

10 - Cookies and advertising targeting

The website, the mobile website and mobile applications are designed to be attentive to your needs and your expectations. We use cookies in order to identify you and customise our services and advertisements, notably to access your account, manage your shopping basket, store your consultations and customise the offers that we offer you and the information that we send you.

Advanced targeting features can be used, in particular, for the dissemination of "retargeting" type advertisements (by displaying advertising during your navigation outside of our site or email contact following the consultation of products on our site). These features are made possible by the use of cookies and are proposed by partners, to present you advertisements better adapted to your needs and in tune with your recent behaviour on our site.

To learn more and to consult the procedure to follow to refuse cookies, we advise you to consult our cookies policy: click here

11 - How to have access to your data/Right of access, rectification and opposition

You can access and update your contact information by visiting the "My Space" page on the Stade de France website.

You can close your personal space (accessed either via your mobile application or via the website) by accessing the Stade de France website and by clicking on the link "Delete my account" available in the "My Space” section.

Please note that after you have closed your space on the Stade de France website/mobile application, you will no longer be able to connect to it or have access to your personal data. Please also note that we may keep some data associated with your account, including for purposes of analysis and backing up information.

In accordance with the Computing and Liberties Act of 6 January 1978 as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, you have a right to access, rectify and oppose the personal data concerning you. All you need to do is to write to us at Service Clients du Consortium Stade de France at the following address - Zac du Cornillon Nord 93218 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex, telling us your first name, surname, email address, postal address. In accordance with the regulations in force, your request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of a form of identification bearing your signature and you must specify the address to which we must send your reply. A reply will then be sent to you in a period of 1 month following receipt of the request.

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